It is a multi-year and multi-stage (4 basic and 12 advanced stages or initiations) cycle of tuning the physical body and etheric bodies with consciousness or soul with the Source of Life (with the help of light-sound keys or codes).



Resonance enables awareness and quick resolution of problems, beneficial interconnectedness and translation of regulating (healing) life energy necessary for establishing one’s own harmony. Students receive a “tool” for working on themselves as well as for helping others.


attunement with the frequencies of the vital source energy.

Connecting to the Vital Source Energy and the Inaudible High-frequency Cosmic Sound.



Cosmic resonance, or cosmic attuning, is a contemporary revival of the ancient wisdom of harmonising with nature, the Cosmos, Universal Consciousness (Primordial life energy) and yourself. It is a contemporary extension of the revived ancient Tibetan spiritual wisdom of the Blue Buddha and the traditional Shiki Ryoho Cosmic attuning of the Japanese school of Reiki, which was brought to life by Dr Mikao Usui at the end of the 19th century. It is also an extension of William Lee Rand’s American school of Karuna Reiki and the Italian and Dutch schools of cosmic self-attunement. The purpose of the courses of our Veduna school of the spiritual wisdom of the Universe is primarily to expand consciousness, to assist spiritual growth (we can always take one step further) and to restore balance and well-being, which in turn fosters self-harmonisation, self-healing and self-realisation. Light-sound codes are the keys and core of the spiritual traditions of those peoples of the world, both past and present, who live in harmony with nature.


With the Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance initiations life energy starts flowing through us and this flow is enhanced, or deepened with each initiation. Light-sound codes raise the frequency vibration of human bodies and consciousness, which is how we see ever more broadly, more clearly, and how we come to understand the messages of situations and problems.

We thus attune ourselves to ‘higher’ levels of living and to a high-dimensional reality, and our (self-)healing abilities are enhanced along with it. Our understanding of life’s purpose is clearer, we build happiness and abundance and comprehend the causes of inconveniences. And the tools we use are light-sound codes.

Veduna Cosmic Resonance – Level 1 / code 1

Veduna cosmic resonance, or the revived ancient wisdom of self-realisation and attuning to planetary-cosmic laws belongs to the legacy of the spiritual traditions of the world’s peoples. It is part of a forgotten natural method for developing consciousness and self-healing. Only a small part of this exceptional knowledge was handed down to us under the name of the Usui traditional shiki ryoho reiki, or Tibetan men-ho, also called tatagatha rion, or the sound beyond.

Millennia ago, techniques for attuning to all levels of consciousness and reality, to the Earth, the Cosmos and the Divine Source of life energy were known by different spiritual traditions of the world, which used them primarily to ease life’s problems and to support spiritual growth. Veduna cosmic resonance consists of courses with initiations, or attunments to different vibrational qualities of the frequency Universe, of which we are a part. They bring gifts in the form of high-frequency inaudible inner sound and light. We receive spiritual (vibrational) support (in folk tradition also called the hierarchy of the Masters), which helps us to overcome the riddles, problems and challenges of our everyday life. At the courses, we receive tools – light-sound codes, symbols, or keys for connecting to different frequencies, to their contents. Everything that exists is composed of different energy frequency waves. And what undulates, or oscillates, is sound – both audible and inaudible. We do not hear the sound that undulates outside our hearing range, yet it nevertheless affects us, it even determines and changes us.

When we activate light-sound codes in our consciousness, in our mind, we attune to the harmony of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, to our unconscious and meta-consciousness. We cleanse the field we have reached of traumatic energy imprints, or blocks. And this is how the life energy flow through us increases, it no longer stops anywhere, but flows freely through our entire being. Only beings freed from traumatic memories and energy blocks are healthy, happy and truly creative, bestowed with well-being, which pours into their lives unhindered.

In view of the increasingly accelerated spiritual evolution of humankind, the light-sound alphabet is returning to us (there are currently more than 60 codes in the Veduna School). It serves as a tool for connecting to Primordial/Cosmic Consciousness/Intelligence and to your own Essence. Light-sound codes awaken within us the ‘guided sound’ and ‘guided movement’, that is the channelled sound of cosmic resonance and the movement of transcendental consciousness – beyond ordinary consciousness and mind. They balance all bodies, expand consciousness, foster spiritual growth and awaken our dormant abilities. We become mediums for the transmission of Primordial life energy, which makes us alive, which invigorates us and sustains us. Within an initiation, we receive a tool to help both ourselves and others, including animals and plants. The codes have a harmonising effect even on the material world. This makes Veduna cosmic resonance an exceptional gift for attuning, for inviting happiness and harmony into life. The tools you will receive can be used to help at any time and in all situations in life. With them, we will always be more effective, more straight-forward and in tune with the current moment. Visions and wishes will manifest with greater ease. The codes activate the flow of Universal life energy, which expands us into the Field of boundless possibilities…


Veduna Cosmic Resonance – Level II A / code 2

The second code is used to cleanse and harmonise our emotions, our emotional body. If our emotions are not calm, and if we, on top of that, react with the destructive emotions of anger, sorrow, worry, jealousy etc., everything will go wrong and our thinking will be vague. In order to more carefully hear ourselves, others and our own spiritual guidance of the soul, and to make fewer mistakes in our life, we first need to cleanse ourselves of fear, worry, nervousness, anger, restlessness, sorrow and envy. The second light-sound code of the Veduna cosmic resonance helps us most effectively in this.


Veduna Cosmic Resonance II B / code 3

The third code is used for the cleansing, harmonising and expanding of the abilities of our mental body, or mind and creativity. Initiation into the third light-sound code activates ‘guided movement’ and ‘guided sound’, which always come through us in unique, unrepeatable form. They come both for us and for the current moment, which we need right now. The third code is a symbol for working, harmonising, or healing the soul and body ‘at a distance’, without the limitations of space and time. With it, we can repair the energy imprints of past weaknesses, the so-called akashic energy records. We can even repair ‘life’s scenario’ and prepare a better future. Our consciousness expands, which we perceive as new, ‘strangely’ interesting creative ideasTo expand consciousness means to enrich the expanses of our mind and ennoble our perceptions.

Veduna Cosmic Resonance – level III / codes 4 and 5

The third level represents the activation of our spiritual guidance, ‘guided movement’ and ‘guided-transcendental sound’. These light-sound codes for the development of consciousness expand our consciousness to an even greater extent. They are a sacred Tibetan code and an until recently hidden light-sound code for the flow of pure love (a special feature of our school/path). With this level, we complete the ‘elementary education’ of attuning ourselves.

Veduna Cosmic Resonance – level IV / codes 6 and 7

The fourth level consists of initiations into two ‘hidden’ Tibetan master light-sound codes (symbols). They foster spiritual growth and increase our energy flow and protection. This awareness is enriched by the teaching of and initiation into a Tibetan master healing symbol and a multi-dimensional symbol for the contact with the soul, with the highest levels of consciousness, or meta-consciousness. This is why codes 6 and 7 connect us to our own divine being 

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level I / codes 8–11

This level comprises a package of four light-sound codes, which facilitate a permanent link to our subconscious and meta-consciousness. To those levels of our being, to which our ordinary consciousness has no access! Cleansing painful emotions suppressed into the subconscious is extremely important, for it is suppressed fear, worry, traumatic feelings and other destructive emotions, which actually ‘lead’ us. According to the laws of resonance, they attract (painful) emotions with an equal resonance into our lives, and painful situations keep repeating time and time again– until we come to understand and eliminate them. Using the codes, which allow us to enter the subconscious, we start to become aware of our suppressed emotions and we transform them into neutral, undisturbing memories. Also, these codes ground and balance us within time and space.
‘To be grounded’ means to be here and now, to clearly perceive and express the intent, or the message of the moment. Grounding and a connection to our meta-consciousness (soul) anchor internalised peace. The levels I and II of William Lee Rand’s Karuna teaching are merely the basic foundation of the Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level II / codes 12–15

This level brings the next package of four light-sound codes, which clear our mind when prioritising, during energy protection, creativity, learning, communication, when restoring inner peace and expanding the possibilities of our perceptions. They harmoniously connect us with the world around us: with nature, animals, plants, crystals, earth etc.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level III / codes 16–19

The seventh level of cosmic resonance (the third level of Karuna cosmic resonance) brings four more light-sound codes, known primarily by ‘light warriors’ of the Buddhist and Hindu worlds.

Some of these codes are used by Master teachers from different spiritual traditions in their initiatory rites. But given the fact that knowledge of these codes is not limited to initiates but is widespread (to almost half of the humankind in the world), I have decided to offer them through an initiation process in the form of the third level of Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance. Buddhist lamas and Hindu yogis also receive light-sound codes into their meta-consciousness by means of initiation rites. In this way, codes become more effective and powerful.

They are used for spiritual growth, for attuning to all levels of our being and reality, and for the harmonisation of life. They are still equally important today. We are becoming aware of the forgotten codes from the treasure chest of the light-sound alphabet, which, in the remote past, comprised over 300 codes, or symbols. The code for releasing the negative from our lives is one of them.

Since the Spring 2006, participants have started receiving a new light-sound code, that of the ‘Palm Master’, which greatly increases the flow of Primordial, Divine healing energy through our spirit and body, especially through our hands. The code symbolises the healing energy power of Buddha and Christ.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level IV / codes 20–24

The fourth Veduna Karuna level is a package of five light-sound codes, also known as the Great Tibetan mantra, which Buddhists across the world still use for the development of consciousness, mostly, however, without anchoring it into meta-consciousness. This composite code anchors frequencies that range from the highest ones humans can attain to totally earthly, grounding, shape-giving frequencies. This composite code, the great mantra, attunes us along the axis of consciousness – folk tradition would say between the first and the ninth, or twelfth levels of spirit, or reality, which we are able to understand and experience. This is why this level is inter-connecting. It also increases our energy flow and profoundly raises awareness: everything disturbing, which we have still not managed to eliminate is one again placed on display. Also, it unveils new visions and unknown realms of spirit which we perhaps have not yet sensed and tasted – always in its wholistic multi-dimensional, rich image. The spiritual wisdom of enlightening experiences is increasingly within our reach

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level V/ codes 25–28

The symbolic light-sound language is a high-dimensional language of our existence, it is a mirror of a reality which resides beyond the material world. Symbols represent the high-frequency communication system and unveil the messages of the high-dimensional levels of consciousness, or soul. They are a link between different levels of existence – between the material and spiritual, the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible, the audible and inaudible etc. Hundreds, even thousands of years ago, our ancestors knew several hundred symbolic forms of this sacred light-sound tongue, or forms of sacred geometry, which they utilised to connect to a high-frequency reality and to transmit the ‘divine pulse’ of the perfect and wholistic into the physical world, by means of cosmic telepathy. In these exceptional times we live in, we are once again looking at the ancient spiritual heritage and symbolic language. We still use the ancient wisdom today. It helps us live and even survive, and above all, it helps us live fully and consciously. Throughout the last ten years, Mirit has been ‘receiving’, or channelling the forgotten ancient timeless knowledge and reviving the eternal wisdom of the planetary spiritual heritage. She has been reviving an ever greater number of light-sound codes, or symbols, which, for millennia, helped humanity to live, survive and develop joy and abundance. In this way, we expand our kit bag of wisdom, we renew and update the ‘tools’ for (self-)harmonisation and create ‘without borders’. At the same time, these codes are an indispensable tool for helping those who are closest to us, including other people and the planet.
The fifth level of Veduna Karuna is devoted to the Mantra of immortality, which is the source and elixir of life.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level VI / codes 29–33

Veduna Karuna VI is the next level in the Veduna Karuna cycle. This level is also based on the wisdom of sacred geometry and the corresponding laws of life. These archetypal light-sound codes open the door, or the portal to ever higher, ever broader planes of awareness. They foster an ever greater energy flow, the result of which is our ever more effective self-harmonisation and attunment to ourselves and the surroundings. The higher we resonate, the more penetrating we are. These secret codes of the Great Mysteries of life were known in different cultures and civilisations across thousands of years of history, or evolution. There is not escape from this. The path to the goal, to the awakened cosmic-earthly consciousness is pre-ordained for all of us. But the way we travel is down to us: slowly or quickly, without awareness or watchfully, painfully or happily, asleep or creatively etc. The tenth level of the Veduna (Karuna) cosmic resonance offers new challenges in the spiritual awakening of our dormant talents.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level VII / codes 34–38

On this level we deal with devotion and willingness. The Karuna VII initiation is a portal into a multi-dimensional spiral consciousness and is, at the same time, a taking stock. Light-sound codes are keys to an ever more profound peace and power of well-being; they are codes we use to consciously attune to our inner wisdom (of the soul) and are a tool for spiritual alchemy and spiritual anatomy, leading us into fulfilled perfection. With them, we learn how to create in a decisive, focused and successful manner. This is how we create our freedom and undistorted discernment, and we also rapidly actualise our wishes and life’s mission. The codes of this level belong to the eternal laws of the golden ratio of perfection, to planetary and personal dreams alike.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level VIII / codes 39–42

We continue to accept new light-sound codes of sacred geometry, which expand our consciousness and open doors into new realms. They are an echo of the Universal Logos, or Intelligence, and a mirror of the cosmic-earthly laws, or Order. These codes strengthen our non-material (etheric) bodies, calm and expand the abilities of the mind and connect us to both the infinity and boundlessness of our own being. They kindle the fire of transformation (kundalini) within initiates, leading us rapidly to the balance of our enlightened goal. These keys of the invisible within the visible are the principal tools of the mystery schools of different spiritual traditions of our planet.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level IX / codes 43–47

Life is built of both simplicity and a variety of forms, it is composed of countless possibilities and opportunities. Throughout our lives we seek to be aligned with the nine levels of consciousness, we balance opposites and bring together the division of the world to make a unified existential image, or oneness. As with music, we listen to higher harmonics (the ethics of the soul), we recognise and experience them and we endeavour to live them consciously. The star of abundance shows us the way to the goal, while co-existing souls remind us of what we have forgotten, what we have, willingly or unwillingly, overlooked or pushed into oblivion. The light warriors of both the past and present are consciously discovering the nine fairy-tale realms of existence, ascending the nine steps of the spiritual pyramid, which denote the nine levels, or qualities of understanding and knowledge. The nine truths of the Universal Logos speak to us. One is in everything and everything is in one. Those who want it, will find the promised land, they will find the life’s abundance of all-connectedness which had been promised to the soul. Provided they have sufficient courage and perseverance!

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level X / codes 48–52

Whether we want it or not, willingly or not, we travel through the labyrinth of life, trying to find the Source, the Wellspring of our yearning, of the divine, the perfect. We seek perfect awareness and our soul’s family, the monad of sisterly souls. Life’s opportunities offer us the possibility to discover the safest and the most euphonious path we have agreed to, which is not an easy one. Yet, it is certainly the best for us. It is time to find all the keys of life and understand and start living the silence of resonance, the sound quality of silence. Ankh – the key of the primordial life energy of the divine Logos helps us open the doors, or portals leading into the multi-dimensional stomach of our own vision and manifestation. Ankh is the key which helps us to restore the sacred healing path, or circle more easily. It is the signpost across cosmic-earthly cycles, biorhythms and soul agreements. The goal – perfection, the perfection of co-existence based on awakened consciousness – attracts us with a magnetic power. With the help of this Karuna we piece together a tenfold wholeness. Like alchemists, we connect our experiences and transform them into wisdom, into the fullness of awareness which brings a fulfilled peace. But remember that the key to the last, ‘tenth’, door dwells within us. We always fight the last decisive battle ourselves, on the battlefield of our own consciousness, our own behaviour and philosophy of life.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level XI / codes 53–56

We continue with the Mayan codes of life within the framework of the sacred numeric alphabet.

Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance – level XII / codes 57–60

We continue with the Mayan codes of life within the framework of the sacred numeric alphabet.