Mira Omerzel – Mirit, PhD, has permanently lived on cosmic food since August 2000. This possibility first happened to her (spontaneously!) in December 1994 and lasted a couple of weeks. She became a medium, cosmic telepath (channelling cosmic and galactic initiations for people) and a healer: a cosmic sound-energy surgeon. Together with her Vedun Ensemble, she not only performs ancient musical practices of the cultures of the world, but she also channels meditative, harmonising and healing sounds and timeless sound codes.

Mirit developed a spiritual technique for the development of consciousness and (self-)healing – Veduna cosmic resonance. She received an ‘order’ and information of how to form her spiritual school during the process of transition to life without usual food. This is how Veduna was born – a Slavic-Pythagorean School for the Development of Consciousness and Harmonisation with Sound. Being a medium for channelling primordial life energy, she receives information for people and channels her books on ancient Slavic spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the world’s cultures. She helps people to find their path through the labyrinth of life. She is assisted by her son Tine (Omerzel) Terlep, who occasionally undergoes processes without food. Also, do read the article about the Veduna Dry Fast without food and liquid, through which Mirit guides the seekers of light every year. Every year, the musicians of the Vedun Ensemble, who perform music in a semi-trance and are students of Mirit’s spiritual school, take part (under Mirit’s guidance) in the processes based on living without food and liquid (Veduna dry fasts), which last several days. With this, they expand their awareness and connect to the Source, the Universal Intelligence of life, and to themselves. The musician-therapists sing and play forgotten instruments of different cultures from all continents.

Mira Omerzel – Mirit on the topic of breatharianism



Almost all the spiritual traditions of our planet are familiar with initiatory journeys, which last from a couple of days, weeks or even months – without food and liquid. These journeys help people to expand their consciousness and to connect them into a multi-dimensional whole. Into the consciousness of oneness. Some peoples in tune with nature still use such knowledge and processes today. Life without usual food is an experience which expands our consciousness beyond the ordinary linear mind, time, space and the three-dimensional reality. Through this experience, we can attain a free and more powerful flow of energy, as well as health and the level of meta-sensory perceptions – the ability of cosmic telepathy and subtle listening to the higher levels of reality. The worlds beyond the tangible material world.

Breatharian experience is a trial of our devotion, courage and acceptance of the cosmic and non-material, it is also a trial of our acceptance of the realms beyond death and the inaudible, invisible and intangible worlds of reality and spirit. With it, we transcend the usual borders and limitations, and expand into the Cosmos. Into the unknown; we grow spiritually and return, more conscious, into our physicality. Humans – cosmic essences (souls) on Earth begin to perceive Primordial life undulation, a rich symphony of frequencies of the Universe and Earth (shabd in Vedic tradition). They consciously step into the fullness of life. They connect to the Universal Intelligence, to the Logos, and fully embrace the possibility that the cosmic ‘soup’, the Universal life Field, can feed, shape, harmonise etc. them.

With it comes a majestic (quantum) leap in consciousness, which greatly expands our mind and our ways of thinking. Spiritual seekers and warriors begin to accept the gifts of cosmic telepathic abilities and insights into multi-dimensional reality, which is normally veiled to the physical eyes.

And all of this enables us to consciously travel across the dimensions of our givens. In this way, we enter the subtle realm of frequency (sound) vibrations, which create everything, both the material and non-material, tangible and intangible etc.

Life without food, or the so-called breatharian experience, is also a mirror of human spiritual openness, wholeness and connectedness to all the fields of life; it is a reflection of their level of awakedness and an echo of cosmic consciousness.

This is why, in the past, such processes and ways of living without food, both short-term and long-term, were an indispensable tool for spiritual growth and a vehicle for the ‘journeys into the worlds beyond’ three-dimensional space and the linear mind, a tool for researching the subtle realms of spirit, a key to inter-dimensional experiences and journeys through the curtains of time and space.

Food burdens the body in its own way, but with ‘cosmic soup’ the body remains more pure and allows a greater flow of life energy. This is why, for example, a healer-breatharian is an excellent medium for channelling high-frequency (very penetrating) life energies into the physical world.

More can be found in Mirit’s series of books titled Cosmic Telepathy / Beyond Thoughts and Audible Sound (book I: Life without Food and the Eternity of Spiritual Messages of the North-American Indians) and in her numerous articles and papers.