Mira Omerzel – Mirit is a graduate ethnologist and doctor of musicology, ethnomusicologist, independent researcher, author, spiritual teacher, musician, sound energy therapist, cosmic telepath of audible and inaudible universal frequency waves – a medium for transmission of Universal Life Energy – and founder of the ensembles Trutamora Slovenica and Vedun, as well as of the Veduna Chair of Consciousness Development and Harmonization with Sound. She is the author of numerous ethnomusicological studies, especially on folk instruments, and a pioneer in exploring the dimensions and power of sound in Slovenia and worldwide. She is a maverick, say her colleagues, treading unknown paths. Paths of the mysterious.

All of her creativity and work, as well as her stage and concert activities with the ensembles, are based on the wisdom of various cultures of the past. She visited many sages, healers, priest-musicians and shamans of different cultures on all continents: North American Navajo, Hopi and Apache Indians, Mexican Maya, Australian Aborigines, Indonesian Balinese, Siberian shamans in Khakassia and Tuva, Tibetan Buddhist lamas and Indian Jyotish rshis, Hawaiian kahuna masters, Brazilian and Filipino psychic or cosmic surgeons.


She also explored the lands of Slavic and European spiritual heritage, Egypt, Greece, Morocco and the Balkans. She has recorded the wisdoms, sacred teachings and her own experiences and trials in doing so, as well as explanations from various scientific disciplines, in an extensive nine-volume book series under the overarching title COSMIC TELEPATHY or Wisdom Beyond Thought and Audible Sound of the Past for the Future and in the series of spiritual stories and fairy tales YEARN OF ETERNITY in a narrative fairy tale form for young and old children.  She maintains magical bonds of mutual cooperation and learning with the many wise women and men of this planet – shamans, healers, priests.

In 1978, while still a student (at the age of 22), Mirit founded the Trutamora Slovenica ensemble (an ensemble for the archival revival of Slovenian musical heritage) and in 1999 the Vedun ensemble (an ensemble for ancient and meditative music and the transcendental sound of the peoples of the world). In 1995, after decades of dedicated spiritual maturation, she founded the Slavic-Pythagorean Chair of Consciousness Development and Harmonization with Sound Veduna (under this name since 2001). Since 1995, i.e. for more than 20 years, Mirit has also been helping people in their search for balance, spiritual development, in expanding consciousness and in self-realization. The spiritual growth and transformation, which also began to take place intensely in her life, especially after 1980, required her to withdraw from scientific and artistic circles. A retreat into solitude and silence was necessary.




During this time she studied Eastern philosophies (Ayurvedic medicine, Vedic Jyotish) and practised transcendental meditation, yogic levitation, and Tibetan men-ho (rei chi) for 12 years, which helped her gain a different perspective on life and get closer to millennia-old spiritual knowledge. But all this was only the first rung of a spiritual pyramid that was slowly being built. Later, she also developed a number of Veduna techniques to help people in need or to expand spiritual self-awareness. Mirit is also an active musician with musical partners at home and around the world. Both ensembles have toured as ambassadors of Slovenian culture in all European countries and also in countries on other continents. Through concerts and sound carriers, the musicians make Mirit’s theoretical insights come alive, more vivid and meaningful. On the occasion of their 30th anniversary (2008), they brought all their musical knowledge and efforts together under the name Vedun. Vedun is an ancient Slavic deity said to regulate and heal the world through word and sound.

In addition to ethnomusicological field research, the search of prehistoric musical instruments, the study of historical development and sound images of Slovenian, European and pre-classical musical instruments of the world, Mirit and her colleagues have also devoted themselves to researching the deepest essence of sound and music. She has been active in the field of ethnomusicological research for more than 44 years (she started at the age of 15 in high school).

With her professional ethnomusicological treatises (especially on the last musical instruments of the pre-classical world in the Slovenian ethnic territory – from prehistoric and ancient times to the present day), ethnological, scientific and spiritual books and articles, lectures, seminars, courses and workshops, sound “surgeries” together with the Trutamora Slovenica and Vedun ensembles, with concert performances of the musical traditions of our planetary ancestors, she also practically (actively musically)

contributes to the ethnomusicological and spiritual knowledge of Slavic, Slovene and world cultural heritage and identity. Her scientific research, artistic recreative and pedagogical work are dedicated to unveiling the sensory (auditory) and suprasensory (spiritual) abilities and messages of the world’s musical heritage and forgotten practices, as well as to exploring the laws of human life and existence that reveal the goals and purposes of the human journey.

Based on this research, Mirit also revives and develops techniques for spiritual growth, ways to effectively (self-)regulate and heal the soul and body, keys to all-connected awareness and functioning. Her course participants are young and old: from students, teachers, professors, linguists and translators to doctors and other medical personnel, artists, musicologists, ethnologists, philosophers, architects, lawyers and other seekers with mathematical-technical profiles, as well as retired people… All that matters is the breadth of consciousness, not the amount of information in the head!



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