are artistic and therapeutic creations and unique rituals whose sound-energy yarn (channelled in the shamanic semi-trance) evokes special experiences. The pioneering work of the ensemble restores the sacredness of music and at the same time is one of the rarities in the world. The musician-therapists gift the listeners with harmonizing soundscapes and tonalities, harmonies and rhythms that soothe, bringing deep relaxation and expansion of consciousness. Both the concerts and the audio-video works are usually accompanied by detailed explanations and interpretations of the soundscapes by Mira Omerzel – Mirit, PhD (with a booklet in Slovene and English).



2. BOOKS BY MIRA OMERZEL – MIRIT, PhD(Cosmic Telepathy book series, Sound Images of Awakened Love, Journey to the Summit of the Sacred Mountain, Fairy Thread of Sound Yarn…)

In them, Mirit reveals wisdom beyond thought and audible sound, learning of the past for the future. Mirit also uses the written word to explain the forgotten knowledge of various cultures, to speak about the laws of life and survival and the essence of sound; she also describes the experiences and trials on her spiritual journey and the significant and rewarding experiences with wise healers, priests, shamans of various peoples. In stories, fairy tales and spiritual messages (including oracle messages) she also guides the reader through the Great Mysteries of Life in an artistic and symbolic way. In all books, most of which are also written according to cosmic dictation (channelled), the author offers people to reflect on the wisdom of the times of our planetary ancestors and the teachings of the laws of fulfilling and joyful coexistence, which point the way to peace and diverse states of well-being.