The substantial as well as unsubstantial worlds consist of frequencies. However, the given sonorous quality by far exceeds that. Sound is an alchemy of frequencies and their respective energies, an instrument to heal the subtle bodies of the spirit as well as the physical body, an instrument to trigger an enhancement of consciousness and a sensitisation of senses. We are affected by it on a conscious as well as unconscious level. Sound (resonance) has the capacity to compose us into a melodious whole and harmonise us with natural rhythms, while disharmony can incur disease.

The wisdom passed on from global musical traditions binds human consciousness to the archetypal unconscious and the sound paradigms from beyond time. Moreover, sound merges us with the Great Substantial Auditory Logos of the Universe and the Cosmic Intelligence or Consciousness of Nature, which are in the process of being increasingly recognised also in subatomic physics and medicine. It is sound that provides a key for those gates of the “heart and soul” that open toward the subtle worlds “beyond” common consciousness (to transcendence) and the accelerated path of self-evolution.

The workshops and lectures acquaint with and bring forth an experience of the great knowledge, mostly still unveiled secrets of the art of the physical sound laws functioning (the physical laws of the frequency world of Newton’s physics) and above all the spiritual properties of sound (subatom/quantum energy levels).

We will get to know the philosophies, sciences and technologies of consciousness evolution through the assistence of sound through the historical traditions as well as the present times (science). Nevertheless, the most significant of all is the participant’s own experience, which is unique each time, which is precisely what makes these workshops inimitable. They can be understood as a 10-hour deep relaxation and coming to senses, causing self-healing of consciousness and all bodies.

The workshops, which have been designed in three separate stages, we deepen and develop sound echniques of relaxation, healing, protection, strengthening of the spirit and the body and discovering the unconscious. Through the use of sound, we achieve sensibility of all senses to discern the world around and within ourselves. We learn to discern the frequencies that bring us benefit, as well as the harmful sounds, rhythms, noises … along with the diverse techniques and sound formulae of global folk traditions in the past and present of:

 European cultures
(ancient Greek, Caldeian, Pythagorean schools, the ancient Celtic cultures, the medieval tradition of the troubadours and the European folk music of the modern times)

● Asian cultures
(Mongolian, Tibetan, Nepalese traditions, the succession of the ancient Vedic India, Chinese traditional medicine, Japanese culture …)

● African cultures
(Arabian ethnic groups, Islamic Sufi and Dervish traditions, Jewish Kabbalah, the great Old-age civilisations of Persia and Egypt …)

● American cultures
(the Aztecs, the Maya, Indians of North and Latin America, the
Eskimos …)

 cultures of Oceania and Australian (aboriginal) cultures
(the Maori, the Aborigines)