For more than a decade, once a year, the Veduna School has held a distinct nine day dry fast retreat (a pranic-breatharian process). This year the retreat will again take place on the island of Krk. Fostering an exceptional expansion of consciousness and awareness, the retreat is intended for those who are ready for rapid and effective change and want to harmonise themselves, their lives and relationships, eliminate the impact of a stressful life, and balance their soul and body. The retreat accelerates spiritual growth and (self-)healing. It is also full of joyful company. During the retreat, three to four days are spent without food and liquid, in silence. In the past, similar initiatory fasts were practised by most cultures and some still practise them today. It is a rapidly harmonising and enlightening experience, full of insights and knowings. The retreat is led by Mira Omerzel – Mirit, Ph.D., a sound-energy surgeon, spiritual teacher, cosmic telepath and a medium for the transfer of Universal life energy into the physical world. Mirit has been fed by cosmic energy, or prana, for more than two decades. She spontaneously experienced this possibility for the first time back in 1994. Mirit has lived permanently without usual food since 2000, later also without liquid.

Veduna Suhi Post Mirit

She has tested the expansion and awakening of her dormant abilities and the increase of her energy flow in different processes without food, including a (ten day) process in silence and total darkness, all of which is described in detail in her books (the Cosmic Telepathy series). She is currently writing a comprehensive book about breatharianism. With her experiences, she wants to help all devoted spiritual seekers of happiness, peace, balance, and well-being. Her work is being continued more and more by her son Tine Omerzel Terlep, who is also a medium and a channeller of life energy into the physical world.

The Veduna dry fast retreat on Krk, supported by Cosmic Beings, is also a distinct Veduna cosmic initiation with sound-energy surgery. A Veduna dry fast greatly surpasses an ordinary fast! It unfolds within a connection to the cosmic (sound) vibrational energy grid, or life soup – to the Source, the Logos of life.

With the cosmic support of the Universal Intelligence of life, our consciousness expands greatly, which makes the cleansing of destructive and subconscious contents and emotional causes of problems much easier and more effective. Retreat participants receive important insights about their lives and work. Cleansed body fluids acquire the structure of harmonised liquid crystal. The entire organism and the body’s immune system strengthen, as does spiritual power, assertiveness and (self-)awareness. Throughout the Veduna fast, participants receive an etheric infusion (energy support from the Source of life), which gets converted into bodily fluids. That is why, without ingesting liquid into the body, all participants pass water from their bodies completely normally and usually do not feel hunger after the second day. Numerous are the miracles of this cosmic-earthly process and challenge, which is as old as the world – miracles, which are still very welcome in our times.

Current Retreat

Mira Omerzel – Mirit (in this video) talking about her interesting and unusual journey to cosmic dimensions and pranic nourishment.
English and Italian subtitles.

Other video of  Mira Omerzel – Mirit on the topic of breatharianism