Veduna Sound and Energy “Surgery” – Live – June 6

For relaxation, removal of stress and blockages in the physical and etheric body, (self-)regulation and expansion of consciousness.


Thursdays, June 6, 2024 at 19:00–20:30

Location: MaxxFIT studio, Ulica Jožeta Jame 14a, Ljubljana (Šiška), Slovenia


The extraordinary and in the world rare cosmic sound and energy surgery, also called psychic surgery, is performed by the mediums Mira Omerzel – Mirit, PhD, and Tine Omerzel Terlep, BSc, (with the support of musician-therapists of the Vedun ensemble). Mirit and Tine are mediums who translate the Universal Life Energy into the material world. They channel the higher dimensional frequency-sound vibrations needed for balance. They receive audible or inaudible sound waves or gifts from the Source of Life, Universal Intelligence or from the so-called “cosmic soup” – a symphony of frequencies that acts as an energy transformer. The surgery takes place on all levels of the body and mind and also regulates the physical body, removes the disruptive effects of stress and anxiety and promotes spiritual growth, which also enables the reception of clear thoughts, the insights and visions necessary for daily life and creativity.

Sound and energy surgery is primarily intended for intense relaxation and for anyone who wants to free themselves from the destructive effects of everyday stress, emotional anxiety and frustration, and attune themselves and their lives to harmonious coexistence. Relaxed and calm, we are also smarter, our thinking is clearer, our senses are sharpened and our reactions are more focused. Sound and energy surgery supports the search for balance and self-healing, expands consciousness and awakens dormant abilities. The mediums Mirit and Tine and the musician-therapists use sound, energy and meditative surgery to translate the necessary energy waves into the mind and body of those present. They provide the missing frequencies necessary for balance, joy and peace. The intelligence of life rearranges what is needed, realises what we desire, what we can accept and comprehend. The transcendental consciousness and the therapeutic sound of the musician-mediums thus become the carriers of the surgical tools of sound surgery. The “surgery of Mira and Tine” is subtle and barely perceptible and is gradually (over the course of the next hours and days) grounded from the higher frequency levels of reality into the material world.

No registration is required.
∞ Surgery price: 50€

∞ Arrive in comfortable white clothes at least 15 minutes before the start. Bring slippers, warm pads and blankets t sit and lie down.

∞ Link to the Cosmic Sound Energy Surgery website: