On-line Veduna Sound and energy “Surgery” – 7th of September 2023

VEDUNA SOUND-ENERGY “SURGERY” NOW STREAMING LIVE ON YOUTUBE – on the 7th of September, starting at 19:00 CET.
Tickets harmonisation, or ‘surgerie’ are already available at:
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For centuries and millennia we have known that sound and music have a powerful effect on well-being and health, that they uplift and inspire us. The world is made up of frequency waves, which can also be perceived as sound. Sound is everything – the material and the immaterial, the physical and the spiritual. Every living being has universal life energy flowing through it, which in its essence is a frequency vibration. If there is too little life energy, we are weak and can fall ill, but when there is none, the body is dead. Most of us feel the flow of the omnipresent life energy in the environment and through our bodies. Our planetary ancestors called it prana (the Vedas) or elixir of life, and nikrmana (Old Slovenian) and mana. This kind of sensitivity, perception and transmission of the invisible prana is an innate gift of man, known and revered everywhere – in all cultures and at all times – even today. Sound and musical expression is a great tool to release, recharge and cleanse the destructive physical and emotional-mental toxins that accumulate in living beings, especially during stressful and traumatic experiences. These toxins also block the flow of life energy through the body’s energy centres (chakras), making us vulnerable and less resilient. Unfortunately, the ancient knowledge of sound harmonisation has been lost in some places, but fortunately it has not and cannot be completely forgotten because it is the foundation of existence. A Veduna  ’surgery’ is always very supportive and inspiring. It is a kind of (hologram) frequency modulation that also enhances consciousness and perception. Without life energy there is neither life nor true health.

The Veduna ‘surgeries’ or harmonisations or (self-)modulations are a true miracle, but they are nothing entirely new, for they are known in similar form in many cultures, past and present, though rare. Everyone can join this all-connecting (hologram) triple ‘surgery’ (cosmic and spiritual for the necessary change in the material) that modulates, energises, restores, relaxes, enlightens, enhances consciousness and makes us happy. The ‘attunement’ is done by the mediums Mira Omerzel-Mirit and Tine Omerzel Terlep to the selected harmonising sounds of the Vedun Ensemble. The frequency modulating is done in a similar way as radio waves directly to the people (to those who have registered). Nikola Tesla tried to transmit something similar with his devices. But the human body is still the most sensitive receiver and transmitter for the intangible energy world.