Cosmic Initiation VIII – SIRIUS

For times of rapid change, balance, accelerated
spiritual self-development, joy, and abundance

Cosmic Initiation VIII – SIRIUS / Opening of the door or portal to cosmic wisdom and awakened consciousness

SATURDAY, May 25, 2024 AT 4 PM

Location: MaxxFIT, Ulica Jožeta Jame 14a, Ljubljana (Šiška)



In this new millennium of great changes, cosmic initiations bring gifts (in the form of high-frequency inaudible cosmic sound) that assist our spiritual growth and the restoration of harmony, abundance, and fulfilled peace. Connecting to the Universe – to the symphony of the frequency waves of the Universe, which is today perceived and explored through contemporary astrophysics and quantum mechanics, was of exceptional importance in all periods and cultures. Why? Primarily in order to restore balance in life on Earth. Together with the exceptional sound-energy ‘surgery’ and other courses of the Veduna School, the initiations make up a wholistic teaching of the Mysteries of life. They reach into the subconscious and into meta-consciousness; they dissolve deeply suppressed traumas, painful emotions and thoughts, and thus enable spiritual growth, self-harmonisation at all levels of life, as well as the expansion of consciousness and awareness.

Sound-energy initiations, which take place, or flow, once a month under the auspices of the Veduna School, are the unique baths of various planetary vibrational qualities or gifts: from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, the Galactic Centre, the Great Bear, Andromeda, Kryon, Cygnus, Gemini, Draco, the Cosmic Serpent etc. Initiations channel supporting frequencies from the planets of our solar system and galaxy, and they speak to our Primordial essence and the fundamental elements of life on Earth. We are cosmic children. Life stems from star dust and from shape-giving omnipresent energy.


VI. BETELGEUSE (Orion) / Connecting with the soul attention and “soul agreements”


The Orion initiation connects us with the loving soul planes of the all-connected consciousness. In the past, the Orion initiation was also of great importance in various cultures, especially in well-being ceremonies and in the burial rituals, in which the living bid farewell to the souls of the deceased and establish intangible and timeless spiritual connections with their essences (energetic imprints). The Betelgeuse initiation enables quantum leaps of spiritual transformation to the level of soul attention. The masterful high vibrations begin to guide us through the universal compassion of the soul and into the transformation of the subtle (etheric) bodies, which also allows us to become more aware of experiences in the material and non-material worlds of spirit or the higher planes of consciousness, and indirectly in daily life and creation. Our soul (spirit, consciousness) “remembers or knows everything”, says the ancient wisdom. It is our helper and guide through the labyrinths of life. It is worth connecting more closely and clearly with it and surrendering ourselves completely to its guidance. At the soul level, we already know everything we need to know and all the answers we need. We may just not yet know how to decode its “microchips of omniscience”. The Betelgeuse initiation also begins to reveal the so-called “soul agreements” before incarnation, and enables us to recognise why we are attracted or repelled by certain people and relationships, and why “love at first sight.




The Sirius initiation is the last of the eight cosmic initiations and opens the door to the flow of cosmic (divine, soul) wisdom. It forms a wide door or portal to awakened consciousness and is therefore of utmost importance for the spiritual quest of both the ancient ancestors and us contemporaries. Ancient knowledge comes back to us as help for a better tomorrow, peace and happy (co)existance. In the previous initiations, it is mainly the suppressed flexible feminine essences that are awakened, which are now being brought into a new harmony with the masculine vital and spiritual vibration, enabling us to create an equal balance of the two polar energies. Throughout our lives we are unveiling and balancing the female-male polarity within us. When the time is ripe, or rather, when the consciousness is ripe, we can also establish the androgine (sexless) sensuous peaceful completeness or wholeness of both essences within us and on all levels of consciousness simultaneously. We will no longer be painfully attracted to opposites. peace will prevail. The blissful harmony of apparent opposites always makes us happy, calms and inspires us. Without it, we tend to mindlessly seek the other pole (or the opposite sex) and lose ourselves in the chaos of apparent opposites and disharmonious attractions.

The frequencies, gifts and realisations of the so-called Christ, Shiva, Vakantanka, Buddha, Lalai or (Slavic) Perun consciousness are finally beginning to take their place in the holistic mosaic picture of life. They help us to listen more thoroughly and also to hear the all-pervading cosmic (or divine) “information” or energy imprints of events in the Akasha or in the Quantum Field. We begin to hear through time and space, timelessness and spacelessness. We begin to receive insights regarding the present, the past as well as the future. We speak of omniperception, omniscience, omnivision and omnihearing. About the abilities of mediumship. From the level of wholeness, the intentions of what is happening to us become clear to us. We can also expand on the plane (of consciousness) beyond time and three-dimensional space and linear mind. The initiation is completed through the nine-dimensional enlightened cosmic consciousness and the many extraordinary gifts of unconditional soul love that can be felt on all planes of being and perception and on all planes of reality that humans can perceive.


Applications are required.

Initiation fee: 70€.

∞ Come dressed in comfortable white clothes at least 15 minutes before the start. Bring slippers, warm pads, and blankets for sitting and lying down.

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