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VEDUNA Retreat

dr. Mira Omerzel - Mirit / Rogla 2017   

The purpose of this retreat is to renew your life forces and restore balance, to delve deeply into the contents of your life and the current moment. During the retreat participants will receive daily sound-energy meditative therapies, cosmic sound-energy surgeries (with channelled harmonising sound), as well as cosmic initiations, discussions, advice, and opportunities to socialise. The retreat brings about a rapid cleansing of the impact of stress and problems of everyday life. It also restores a life balance, accelerates spiritual growth and (self-)healing, and triggers the renewal of body and spirit. Activities will take place both in the pleasant atmosphere of a hospitable hotel and in nature. The retreat is led by Mirit and Tine, mediums for channelling Universal life energy into the physical world.
Delicious vegan-vegetarian-raw meals will combine the pleasant with the useful.
Children are allowed to stay with their parents during the Rogla retreat, but we ask parents to take full responsibility for their care and ensure that they do not disturb the other participants.

Read some impressions and take a look at the picture gallery from retreats that school Veduna organized in past years

Ansambel VEDUN - Rogla 2017


There is no Veduna retreat THE MAGIC OF SOUND AND LIFE planed in 2019.

Only VEDUNA PRANIC PROCESS (DRY FAST) retreat will be held on the island of Murter, Croatia in the period from Friday, 13th of September till Monday, 23rd of September2019.
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