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Kozmične iniciacije
Maraton prosvetljenja
Transcendenca zavesti in zvoka
Cosmic resonance or attunement is a modern-day resurrection and upgrading of the ancient wisdom of harmonising with nature, the Cosmos and the universal consciousness (vital energy from the Source) and oneself; it is a contemporary comprehensive version of the resurrected ancient Tibetan spiritual wisdom of the Blue Buddha and the traditional shiki ryoho cosmic attunement of the Japanese reiki school brought to light by MD Mikao Usui, of the Karuna reiki of the American William Lee Rand school, of the Italian and Dutch schools of cosmic self-attunement; the courses of the Veduna programme/Chair of Universal Wisdom are thus dedicated to the expansion of consciousness which provides the grounds for self-healing and self-realisation that sre the essence of spiritual traditions of the native peoples of the world in the past as well as the present.

Veduna Cosmic Resonance and Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance initiations allow the vital energy stream to flow through us, its flow strengthening from one initiation to another. With the light and sound codes, the frequency and thereby the self-healing capacity of one’s consciousness augment. This also provides for a clearer awareness of the actual causes for potential nuisances.


Our hands serving as antennae. (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1999)

Veduna cosmic resonance

level I/ 1st code
level II/ 2nd code
level III/ 3rd code
level IV / 4th and 5th code
level V / 6th and 7th code

Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance

  level I
level II
level III
level IV

Veduna cosmic resonance – level I / code 1

… Veduna cosmic resonance falls within the succession of the spiritual heritage of world folk traditions, the already forsaken natural manner of self-development, self-treatment and healing (but a tiny fragment of this knowledge was transferred to us within the scope of the so-called Usui traditional Shiki Ryoho reiki or Men-ho).


Our animals: the kindest and most reliable therapists (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2000)

Similar heritage existed in the diverse spiritual world traditions from several millennia in the past, intended to facilitate life and support spiritual development. Veduna cosmic resonance is a gift in the form of
inaudible high-frequency inner sound, bestowed on us by the spiritual hierarchy of the Masters, who offer their assistance in overcoming our daily life riddles, problems and challenges. Given the ever more accelerating spiritual evolution of humanity, we are experiencing a new resurgence of the alphabet of light and sound (for the present, over 30 codes have re-emerged) as a tool to enable contact with the Source/Cosmic Consciousness/Intelligence and our own Essence; moreover, the light and sound codes endow us with support through »guided sound« and »guided movement« - the sound and movement of our transcendental consciousness, extending beyond our common perception) – to harmonise all of our bodies, expand our awareness … by giving way to the flow of the universal vital energy, broadening us into a field of unlimited possibilities

Veduna cosmic resonance – level II/ code 2


The healing touch of our hands (Pula, Croatia, 2004)
... to cleanse and harmonise our emotions and the astral body; if our emotions are not properly appeased, we experience a series of calamities and a lack in clear thinking; in order to hear ourselves, others and our spiritual guidance and to reduce our mistakes in life to a minimum, we must first clear ourselves of fear, worry, nervousness, anger, agitation, sadness, which is where the second light and sound Veduna cosmic resonance code is of special benefit.

Veduna cosmic resonance – level II/ code 3


Our cat Tili knows exactly where to lie – where it hurts (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2001)

… to cleanse, harmonise and expand the boundlessness of the mental body and creativity. This initiation and the third light and sound code help activate the “guided movement” and “guided sound”, emerging through us, for us and for the very present moment, which is needed precisely at that time. The third code is a symbol enabling work on and treatment of the body and soul “from a distance” (without any space and time limitations), by use of which it also becomes possible to mend past faults or weaknesses (energy imprints in the akashic records) or provide for a better future, expand our consciousness, which also reflects in our unrestricted and “unusually” interesting creative impulses …

Veduna cosmic resonance – level III/ codes 4 and 5

... by activating spiritual guidance, “guided movement” and “guided-transcendental sound” and by using the Tibetan light and sound codes for the development of consciousness, we expand our awareness by using the
consecrated Tibetan light and sound code, which was until recently kept secret, and the code generating the flow of pure love (a unique feature of this programme/path) …

Veduna cosmic resonance – level IV/ codes 6 and 7

… is composed of initiations into the “secret” Tibetan master codes (symbols) of light and sound to expand consciousness, boost energy flow and enable protection, an initiation into the
Tibetan master healing symbol and the multidimensional symbol to enable contact with our soul, higher consciousness, our own divine essence …

Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance I


With attention and love (Istra, Croatia, 1999)

… is a package of four light and sound codes providing contact with our subconscious as well as our super-consciousness. We are normally incapable of establishing contact with our subconscious. Nevertheless, we are being »directed« from our subconscious by the repressed fears, worries ... which in line with the laws of resonance attract the (painful) emotions and recurring situations resonating on the same frequency. The use of codes that provide us with the capability to contact our subconscious enables us to consciously recognise our repressed emotions and transform them into undisturbing ones. The codes ground us and balance us through space-time. »Grounding« means being present here and now, clearly perceiving and expressing the messages of the moment. Grounding along with contacting the super-consciousness (meaning: the soul) anchors inner peace. The Karuna teaching of William Lee Rand is but the first basic foundation for the Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance.

Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance II

… is the following package of light and sound codes to facilitate prioritising, protection, creativity, learning, communication, maintaining inner peace, broadening the potential of our perception, and to intertwine us with our immediate surroundings: nature, animal and plant life, crystals, earth …

Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance III

The third level Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance course resurrects four more light and sound codes, known mainly among the “light warriors” from the
Buddhist and Hindu traditions.


During the healing of her broken wing, Zofi the owl brought some important spiritual messages and truths (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005)
Some of the codes are used by the master teachers in giving initiations. However, in view of the fact that they are known to the wider public (to almost one half of humanity) as well as the initiates, I have decided to confer them through an initiation process, constituting the third level of the Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance course. The Buddhist lamas and Hindu yogis use initiation procedures to assimilate the light and sound codes into their higher consciousness, thus strengthening the codes and increasing their efficiency. The codes are being used for spiritual evolution and the harmonisation of life and are still important for our development today. Furthermore, humanity is in the process of regaining awareness of the forsaken codes appertaining to an entire treasury of light and sound alphabet, thought to have contained over 300 codes in the past, among them also the code to divert negativity from our lives.

Since the spring of 2006, the course practitioners have also been initiated into a new light and sound code of the “Palm Master”, which increases the flow of the divine source vital healing energy through the body (palms), a code symbolising the healing powers of the Buddha and Christ ...

Veduna Karuna cosmic resonance IV

… comprises a package of seven light and sound codes, also known as
The Great Tibetan Mantra, which (without the initiation procedure to anchor it in the higher consciousness) is still used by Buddhist practitioners throughout the world today. The complex code anchors the frequencies ranging from the highest cosmic (vital) vibrations still accessible to us to the entirely earth-based grounding or manifesting ones. In regular meditation practice, this package of light and sound codes (intended for self-development or self-healing) can be used to replace all the preceding ones. The spiritual wisdom of enlightenment experiences is becoming more and more within reach.

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