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Mira Omerzel - Mirit, Ph. D.

Mira Omerzel – Mirit holds a BA in ethnology and a PhD in ethnomusicology. She has established the Veduna Programme/Chair of Universal Spiritual Wisdom for the evolution of consciousness and self-healing. Furthermore, she is the founder, head and heart of the Vedun ensemble – a musical ensemble to harbour a transcendental sound experience, showcasing musical instruments from folk traditions of various ethnic entities of the world that have once or still do serve as facilitators in the process of spiritual healing.

In addition to ethnomusicological research into Slovenian, European and global musical instruments and sound-producing implements, Omerzel has also undertaken to unveil the innermost essence of sound. She has published several ethnological, ethnomusicological, ethno-archeo-musicological discussions, articles, books, delivered numerous lectures, and has along with the Vedun ensemble created several TV and radio editions and series, LPs and CDs, along with other audio material for spiritual evolution and selfhealing through sound.

She is a cosmic telepath and has been living on prana since 2000. Discovering and developing transcendental techniques of audible as well as inaudible sound/vibrations (mostly Veduna cosmic resonance - reiki for spiritual development - and traditional Buddhist wisdom of shiki ryoho or men-ho ), featuring “guided movement” and “guided sound” (beyond common mental perception), she comes across as a pioneer in her field. Her book entitled “Cosmic Telepathy” is ready for print.


In the Himalayas with Tibetan women (near McLeod Ganj, Indian Himalayas, 2002)

She is a medium for spiritual healing and consciousness development in contact with the Vital Intelligence/Energy from the Source and the vibrations of the Master Teachers of the Universe,for whom she acts as a vehicle to grant healing frequencies/energies (Grace from the Cosmos), the so called Cosmic Initiations to generate support in the time of change; she dispenses the cognizance and comprehension of sound, the techniques of self-development and self-healing through sound (Transcendence of Consciousness and Sound workshops), as well as the contents of workshops tackling various topics from our everyday dilemmas.


Sliding into the transcendental experience of sound (Pula, Croatia, 2005)

Omerzel has further intertwined her ethnological and ethnomusicological research with the resurrection of world spiritual heritage. This resurgence gave birth to a series of workshops (the so-called “intensives”) entitled “Living Heaven or Cosmos on Earth”, based on the discovery and revival of the forsaken spiritual wisdom of our forefathers, which in these troubled times provides insights, guidelines, tools and answers to the questions of how, why, what for … and unveils the essence of the meaning of human life and search (for who we are).

In February 2002, she founded the programme/chair (a research and learning unit) entitled Veduna, which got its name by the ancient Slavic Deity Vedun, who provided “healing” through words/sound.

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