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Due to the limited number of participants, we kindly ask that you apply for the course in advance.
In case you are compelled to cancel your attendance, please be sure to notify us in due time, so that your place in the course could be offered to another participant.


Maraton prosvetljenja
Veduna Kozmična resonanca
Transcendenca zavesti in zvoka
As assistance in spiritual development, we are offered to receive the gifts (in the form of inaudible high-frequency inner sound) most urgently needed by humanity during the present moments of intense transformation: namely the cleansing of wounds, dismissing despair, fear, traumatic cellular memory and emotions suppressed into the subconscious, support in opening the heart chakra, activating compassion and soul awareness. We are being granted the blessings of hope, assistance in uniting the spiritual and the material into a unified unity, awakening the suppressed female (cosmic - Shakti) essence, as well as joy and delight, in order to develop within us the so-called Cosmic Consciousness, the Christ or the Buddha consciousness, the consciousness of Shiva, Wakan Tanka or simply the consciousness of the unconditional soul love


Listening to the sea waves breaking (Iž, Croatia, 2006)


The universe is a symphony of frequencies constituting cosmic laws. And people have attributed different names to the vibrations reaching us from the Cosmos: they were, for instance, dubbed the Source, God, angels, Masters … The human desire to distinguish has also denominated them, thus enabling their recognisance and the possibility of attunement with their resonance. The qualities of these invoked vibration frequencies are as diverse as their effects.

Both preparatory initiations are to be held first, to be followed by one initiation each month.

Four more cosmic, or better, galactic initiations have been introduced since 2007: namely those granted by the Masters of Krypton, Kryon, the Galactic Centre and the Great She-bear. All those who have already passed the entire cycle of cosmic initiations are invited to attend.

a) Preparatory initiation

    1st preparatory initiation
2nd preparatory initiation

b) Cosmic initiations

    Cosmic initiation – Arcturius
Cosmic initiation – Northern Star
Cosmic initiation – the Pleiades
Cosmic initiation – Vega
Cosmic initiation – Betelgeuse (Orion)
Cosmic initiation – Rigel (Orion)
Cosmic initiation – Sirius

c) Galactic initiations

    Galactic initiation – Krypton
Galactic initiation - Kryon
Galactic initiation – Masters of the Galactic Centre
Galactic initiation – The Great She-bear

a) Preparatory initiations

I. First preparatory initiation


Inside a crop circle: cosmic and earthly (Gorenjska, Slovenia, 2004)


… the cosmic and galactic initiations offer us support by bestowing gifts (through vibrations/frequencies/inaudible inner sound) most needed by each individual; they thus help to develop our consciousness and act as an instrument of human awakening. They are preparing us for a period of rapid changes of the new millennium – in this way, they take part in our spiritual development and protection from the moment of the first initiation onwards until the end of our lives. They take part in our spiritual growth and protection. However, we must first go through two preparatory initiations during which our spiritual (etheric) bodies are being prepared for the reception of very high frequencies of the following cosmic initiations: those granted by the Masters of Arcturius, the Northern Star, the Pleiades, Vega, Betelgeuse (Orion), Rigel (Orion) and Sirius. Regardless of the level of development of our consciousness, we each time receive a unique gift to take us further into wider awareness.


The sound working (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006)

We receive vibrations that enable the cleansing of pain, despair, fear, cellular memory, all bad things and anxiousness, which enables the opening of our heart chakra. Our so called etheric “merkaba” bodies are automatically being built and developed.

II. Second preparatory initiation

… is the second introductory initiation to prepare us for the subsequent cosmic initiations that bring on the higher frequencies, thus forming an integral whole; the spiritual path we have treaded in the past is irrelevant, for we are ever capable of ascending a step “further or higher”, besides, the vastness of the gifts and grace bestowed upon us depends solely on ourselves.


Our main therapist and receptionist, namely our doggy Nubi (2000)


This second preparatory initiation enables us to consciously recognise the illusions (therefore sense of the unreal, the unnecessary) and the delusions of power, authority, ego, control. By becoming aware of them, we enjoy constant support until the end of our earthly lives in order to be able to break free of the obstacles blocking our spiritual development and everyday lives …

Cosmic initiations

I. Cosmic initiation – Arcturius

... is an initiation leading us through the energies of divine love and the activation of hope and trust, through the annihilation of despair and through the changes in the structure of cellular liquids, better to receive the universal vibrations and messages from the Universe through our consciousness; we are opening the heart chakra and the blocked female principle within (which goes for the men and the women alike) in the time we live in; to unify our human separation in duality into a single whole as soon as possible; it is an initiation to accelerate spiritual evolution, especially that of the astral and mental body (thoughts, emotions, intuition, higher consciousness …).

II. Cosmic initiation – the Northern Star


During the initiation.

... is an initiation to help surface the emotions suppressed into the subconscious through the activation of the individual breath (unique to each one of us as unique individuals). With this initiation, our emotions and thoughts surface from the unconscious and the suppressed painful feelings are liberated from the subconscious, which helps us spread the flow of unlimited love through our consciousness; the vibrations of the Northern Star help us discover our individual rhythm of the breath, which facilitates in redeeming those recurring emotions that tend ever to return to us in line with the like-meets-like axiom. We receive support in consciously recognising our responses in life to everything that happens to us. We can thereby make room for brighter feelings and joy that help us attract more positive and joyful events and relationships into our lives …

III. Cosmic initiation – the Pleiades

... heals our heart chakra and expands our consciousness to attain the level of the unconditional soul love; it represents one of the most important initiations in the centre of the seven, or nine, initiations, after which the contact with the heart and the soul and the cosmic wisdom begins to develop. Beforehand, the preceding cosmic initiations have prepared our subtle bodies for more intense acceptance of soul love (the Christ or Buddha consciousness) in our everyday lives ...

IV. Cosmic initiation – Vega

... with the help of the Vega initiation, we are able to accelerate within us the activation of divine compassion (»the body of compassion«) which merges into a whole with »the body of love«; the vibrations of the Masters furthermore accelerate the development and unification of both bodies and, in the experience of beauty, lead us through the power of creative search towards establishing contact with ourselves; significant changes occur in our subtle bodies, accelerating our spiritual development and simultaneously making a powerful contribution to human evolution ...

V. Cosmic initiation – Betelgeuse (Orion)

... the initiation enables us to contact the loving aspect of the soul and make a quantum leap to the level of soul awareness; the Masters begin to lead us through universal compassion and the transformation of subtle bodies, which renders us capable of the perception of soul experiences or the universal consciousness in our daily lives and creative processes …

VI. Cosmic initiation - Rigel (Orion)

... the initiation facilitates and accelerates the unification of spirit and matter, both of which are becoming complementary components of a whole instead of representing separate opposites; we thus develop the sanctity of matter and spirit; experience leads us towards integrality and the revaluing of spirit and matter, while the complementation of both generates the sanctity of our earthly mission and experience. Moreover, our conscious as well as unconscious mind are put to the test along with our perception and awareness; we are transcending the terrestrial and entering the divine ...

VII. Cosmic initiation – Sirius


Friends before an initiation (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1999)

... is the final one of the seven cosmic initiations in this cycle, opening the doorway to the inflow of cosmic wisdom. The initiation provides for the already activated female principles to be balanced with the male vital and spiritual vibration, which finally enables us to establish our own equilibrium of both polar energies. And so the frequencies of the so-called Christ, Shiva, Wakan Tanka or Buddha consciousness find their place within unity and integrality. It helps us to more clearly give ear to and (out)hear the all-pervading cosmic (divine) information in line with the current moment of existence. The initiation is dedicated to the finalisation of the accelerated development of the development of Universal Love or unconditional soul love on all its levels.

c) Galactic initiations

I. Cosmic or I. Galactic initiation – Krypton

All the course practitioners that have already gone through the entire cycle of cosmic initiations (2+VII) are invited to attend the new cosmic or galactic initiation (and the new cycle) of the Masters of Krypton for the very first time. They have first established contact with us in the September of 2006. The time has come for us to finally form a bond to the gifts they offer, dedicated to the realisation and (de)materialisation of ideas and desires in the physical realm. We are offered assistance in the anchoring (or creation) of our ideas, happiness and abundance. Welcome to the new experience. I look forward to it along with you in the boundlessness of the newly arriving gifts.

II. Cosmic or II. Galactic initiation – Kryon


A tribute to the Earth (“Sorica Tibet”, Slovenia, 1999)

»Do not think like a human, think like a soul or spirit«, says the motto of the gifts from Kryon, who bring more intense healing vibrations for the spirit and the physical body in the physical incarnation in order to make it easier for us to attain awakening or enlightenment within the framework of the galactic paradigm of the Universal on Earth – already in the period of the present processes and great changes – and consciously reach the higher-dimensional realms of reality. We are being led through the dimensional portals of time and space in view of the period of great awakening and connecting to the galactic breadth and boundless wisdom.

III. Galactic initiation – Masters of the Galactic Centre

The frequencies/vibrations/sound of the unnamed Masters of the Galactic Centre qualify among those gifts that establish our harmony with the earthly and cosmic laws. The initiation triggers within us the awareness of life's purposes and goals and harmonises us with the essences of the logoid idea of perfection (integrality) of space which we form part of. One »in tune«, we cease to create new dilemmas and problems in our lives. Meanwhile, the attunement itself – until we reach our goal, that is – represents our life process and the purpose of our existence. It represents our Coming Home. Moreover, the initiations offers the realisation of the wisdom of ancient traditions, above all the wisdom of the ancient Maya.

IV. Galactic initiation – Masters of the Great She-bear

The frequency undulation of the Great She-bear star constellation is of paramount importance for the European, Slovenian and Slavic space. It helps us seek ourselves among the numberless possibilities and opportunities. The Big Dipper constellation forms a part of the Great She-bear. It is easy to locate and thus most practical for orientation in the star-spangled sky arching above the northern hemisphere. Just as the bright stars of the seeming dipper and bear provide us with the space and even time coordinates, thus their inaudible and invisible vibrations of frequency undulations set before us the map of our present spiritual quest and provide support for us to gain awareness and understand the game of life, so that we are able to play it and correct it more consciously. Meanwhile, the Sibirian shamans claim that the Great She-bear »knows and gets to know everything« before we do. It is why they attribute to the constellation the mediating role of directing individual human destinies, as well as prophetic influence.

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