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Every second Saturday in the month (except July, August and September) between 16:00 to 20:00 in MaxxFIT center, Ulica Jožeta Jame 14a, Ljubljana



Due to the limited number of places, please apply at the latest by the Wednesday before the workshop.
If you need to cancel, please let us know in good time, so that your place can be offered to someone else.

Come in light, comfortable white clothes. You need to bring slippers, a mat and blanket to sit or lie on, a cleansed crystal to work with (a crystal quartz, rose quartz or amethyst) and a small offering – a flower and a fruit.


Kozmične iniciacije
Maraton prosvetljenja
Veduna Kozmična resonanca
Transcendenca zavesti in zvoka


with the spiritual wisdom of the past and the present
and with cosmic surgery


with the support of the wisdom of the Slavs
and other cultures

A journey from unhappiness, pain and poverty
into harmony, joy and well-being


a) With spiritual wisdom of the past and the present and with cosmic surgery

This one-year cycle consists of monthly workshops (called intensivos), or initiatory journeys through nine levels of consciousness and the powers of transformation. Mira Omerzel - Mirit (PhD in ethnomusicology, musician, healer-medium, cosmic surgeon, spiritual teacher, author etc.) revives the ancient spiritual wisdom of different cultures and past civilisations – from prehistoric cultures, the Great Mysteries of ancient Egypt, ancient Mayans and Native Americans, the traditions of Hawaii and Indonesia, Philippine psychic or cosmic surgeons, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, Siberian shamans, ancient Greeks, Celts, Illyrians, and especially Slavs and ancient Slovenes. In the school year 2017/2018, attention is placed especially on the taking stock of family and collective patterns and illusions. Delving into the ancient sacred Slovene and Slavic world, into its roots and spiritual heritage, helps us in this process. Comparisons with other cultures enrich and enliven Mirit's lectures, enabling us to understand the laws of existence and spirit more easily. With their greatness, all ancient teachings together unveil important messages and a means for contemporary people to realise a more joyful and harmonious life. The laws of spiritual teachings and restoration of well-being are timeless, eternal and are, at their core, quite the same everywhere and in all times. Mirit links various teachings into one holistic spiritual teaching. Sages have identified her teaching and writing (especially her series of books Cosmic Telepathy or the Wisdom beyond Thoughts and Audible Sound of the Past for the Future)as sacred and very important for this time of rapid change. She has been recognised as a runner between the cultures. But these workshops are not simply lectures, they offer DIRECT EXPERIENCE (AND INITIATIONS) of the timeless spiritual knowledge and ancient wisdom. The Vedun Ensemble – Mirit, Tine, Igor and Matjaž – provide the euphony and harmony of sound during these intensive workshops.


Mira Omerzel - Mirit

Mira Omerzel - Mirit, who has a PhD in ethnomusicology, is a collector and researcher of pre-classical and folk musical instruments (her PhD thesis focused on the development of those instruments), a pioneer in ethno-archeo-medicine musicology in Slovenia, as well as a pioneer in the research of the dimensions and power of sound. She is also a musician, spiritual teacher, medium for the transmission of life energy and sound-energy therapist – cosmic surgeon. For more than 45 years, Mirit has been researching Slovene, European and World musical and spiritual heritages, as well as delving into the findings of contemporary science. She is an active scientist, artist and keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge, especially that of Slavic and ancient Slovene traditions. She is also among the first in the world to restore spiritual wisdom of various cultures, as well as the sound formulae and dimensions of sound, of music related to it. Mirit pursues her sound mission together with other musicians of the Vedun Ensemble (who are students of her Veduna School). Mirit’s son Tine Omerzel Terlep, an engineering graduate and a committed musician and musician-therapist, joined the Ensemble in his pre-school years. A conscious spiritual seeker since the age of 10, Tine is a medium, Mirit’s assistant and will be her successor in the cosmic sound-energy surgery. In 2014 the Ensemble was joined by Igor Meglič, a teacher of classical guitar. In the summer of 2015 the Ensemble invited Polona Kuret, an academic musician (violinist), to join them. In 2017 Matjaž Doljak, a musician with an MA in economics, joined the Ensemble and its mission of service. At the concert stage and the Veduna School courses, the musicians, all multi-instrumentalists and singers, usually showcase numerous rare and forgotten musical instruments from different cultures (between 30–50). As musician-therapists and mediums for the audible and inaudible (yet perceptible) frequency waves (which are sound) of the dimensions of reality that humans are capable of attaining, they bring to life a forgotten ancient priestly musical practice and return to music its former depths, ancient sacred quality, insightfulness and healing notes. In this way, they use their harmonising and surgical sound to ennoble the theory, understanding, knowledge and harmonisation of the laws of life.


The Vedun ensemble.

You are invited to take inter-dimensional journeys across different ‘worlds’, or levels of consciousness and your own core, journeys across the dimensions of reality and different cultures,
and especially journeys across the ancient Slavic heritage. The all-connected (nine-dimensional) cosmic consciousness on Earth enables us to comprehend the essence of life, fostering an accelerated spiritual growth, wholesome and beneficial balance and peace. It enables us to leave poverty behind and to fulfil our wishes and needs etc.



b) Topics and contents of the 2017/2018 intensivos

with the support of the wisdom of the Slavs and other cultures
A journey from unhappiness, pain and poverty into harmony, joy and well-being

Bad and destructive family patterns, habits and bad habits really do get in the way. We usually pick them up in childhood. We adopt them without thinking and checking, even though they shape our lives, reactions and behaviour, our happiness, unhappiness and relationships. It is very difficult to eliminate them. But we should, because it is worthwhile. What are these patterns, where are they reflected, why and how to eliminate them – these are the topics of this year's intensivos. The courses are coupled with spiritual cosmic sound-energy surgeries which address specific topics (a rarity in the world), whereas surgeries with a general purpose take place the first and second Thursday in the month.


It always seems to us that there is just not enough parental love. Today humankind suffers primarily due to the lack of an attentive father’s energy, due to the father’s or mother’s spiritual narrowness and the lack of their attention and love. Children develop most quickly when both parents – loving parents, of course – are by their side. If they do not receive enough loving attention from both parents (or teachers), and if on top of that, they endure aggression (from either their father’s or mother’s side), this will mark them for the rest of their life. Once children have grown up, they seek, consciously or unconsciously, what they lack. And, according to the law of resonance (like attracts like), which is the fundamental law of life and existence, such people will unintentionally attract similarly unloving and even aggressive companions, colleagues, partners. Or they will turn into a mirror image of their spiritually immature parent. That is why we should rid ourselves of traumatic experiences and lacks from our childhood as soon as possible and so make room for a more loving watchfulness and attention to ourselves and others – in a new way, of course. Within us, we need to restore the expanses of unconditional love, which calms the spirit, attracts better quality relationships, expels poverty of all kinds and effectively actualises our wishes and visions.

You are invited to join the Veduna School cycle of nine courses (intensivos) on this topic – for a better tomorrow and for a better understanding of events in both your life and inner being. Welcome to courses that release concealed pain and destructive emotions from the subconscious, which were created due to the absence of a loving father (or mother) and their incorrect behaviour. People – both parents and children – are most often unaware of these lacks. What is more, the majority of people are merely trying to fill the void. But there are ways to uncover our unconscious deficiencies, to dissolve them and repair the damage which most likely occurred in early childhood. Cast off this burden and surrender to a more loving and joyful living. Open up your hidden abilities and all the dimensions of your own being.


    Sat, 14 Oct 2017, 16:00-20:00

    On this course, Mirit lectures about the female and male logos, about the essences of the two sexes. Obviously few people understand the opposite sex: how it thinks, how it reacts, how it operates, the way it feels … And this ignorance gives rise to the majority of problems. It would be good to know the gifts women have, the gifts men have our similarities and differences, and there would be fewer problems, less bad blood and fewer misunderstandings. The course is interesting and full of playful joy. A fuller awareness, along with the playfulness of co-existence, can then finally emerge within people. The necessary shifts within relationships follow. May they take place in all areas!

    Sat, 11 Nov 2017, 16:00-20:00

    Childhood traumas are not only recorded in our memory and subconscious, but also in our cell memory, and they are the greatest saboteur of our happiness. According to the laws of resonance (like with like), they attract similar traumatic experiences into our life. Invited to this course are both newcomers and those who have already taken part in courses with a similar title, as they can delve even more deeply into their unconscious obstacles and eliminate them. On the courses, all participants will expand their consciousness and awareness of the events in their life, of their mature and immature thoughts and emotional reactions. We want to know why something unfolds the way it does and why not differently. Cell protein receptors (according to Dr B. Lipton) capture signals from the Universe and transmit them to the material world. Cosmic vibrations shape us. They even determine our genetic potential (DNK) and much more... Cosmic effects on our body and spirit are inescapable! 
    Mirit's courses are unrepeatable and always different. They supplement our life's quests, they support the opening up of our spirit and they establish new possibilities in our life.

    Sat, 9 Dec 2017, 16:00-20:00

    Relationships are the training ground of spiritual growth, a test of either our breadth or narrowness, a measure of our tolerance and lovingness…

    On the course, Mirit speaks of the laws of life and relationships, primarily partnership relationships. Relationships are the most important training ground of our learning. Through relations and reactions, we discover where we are. The nature of our tolerance and lovingness towards others and those who are different, as well as towards ourselves.
    We will check the strength and lovingness of our relationships. Even though the topic is quite demanding, this intensivo has a festive, pre-new year spirit, and is as conscious and joyful as possible….
    With their unusual instruments, Mirit and the Vedun Ensemble always create new and different sounds. With them, they anchor the content of the course into people's souls… At the same, cosmic (soul's) sound-energy surgery unfolds within this specific topic (surgery accompanies all courses).

    Sat, 13 Jan 2018, 16:00-20:00

    Know the laws of life and yourself, the worlds of reality and the essences of consciousness, or soul…

    When, with our consciousness, or soul, we transcend the boundaries of the physical world (the third dimension), we start experiencing the beyond, the realms beyond, the higher dimensions of reality and the spirits of the world. These realms are immensely inviting, for they enable us to know and experience the timeless and boundless, worlds beyond death. Elements of the here and the beyond are then increasingly being pieced together into a whole. That is why we come to feel the cycle of life, the flows of life and death, ever more fully and clearly. In the vicinity of death and in the realms beyond death, we get to know the essence of life.

    Countless generations and sages of different cultures and civilisations asked themselves what is the meaning of life? We are still asking the same question today. It seems that we are somehow determined by the quest for our own purpose. The soul knows what our mind still does not know. That is why establishing links with our (meta-)soul, with our consciousness, is perhaps our most important earthly task. Not only that – it is a necessity! To know the agreements our soul has with other souls, to understand our path (karma) is an important guideline, an instructive and inspiring one, and above all, it is the tool for the necessary awareness, change and a lighter living!

    Sat, 10 Feb 2018, 16:00-20:00

    There are different kinds of love – from chaotic to unconditional. We think we know how to love, but most often this is not the case. In every moment, every situation, we learn the unconditional love of the soul.
    But, what builds its dignity and how it is reflected in relationships? How to attain the love of the soul….?

    In order to understand events in life and current relationships – whether good or bad ones – as well as possible entanglements and disentanglements, it is good to delve into the very core of ourselves: in the maturities and immaturities we carry within ourselves. We also have to delve deep into our soul, into our consciousness, which determines our awareness, our understanding of life. On the 4th and 5th dimensions, or levels of reality and consciousness, we touch the soul, which simply knows and is familiar with our path and the lessons intended for us. The soul whispers truths about us. It bestows upon us the love of the unconditional soul. Yet, are we able to hear the soul’s whisper and its concealed ‘advice’? Do we feel its love?  

    Consciousness, or soul, pulls us into the worlds beyond, into higher dimensions (above the third dimension), as we say. Humans need to know and start living all the dimensions of existence. The worlds beyond, where we meet non-existence, eternity and death, are truly worth our attention. In the dimensions beyond, we are pure essence. Soul. Attuned resonance. Boundless compassion. We need to hear love and the soul’s whisper in order to bring beneficence and harmony into the physical world. With the assistance of the attuned soul, we can then create the best in the material world and build loving human connections and relationships. To live the unconditional love of the soul is the essence and goal of awakened souls. But, are we truly loving enough? Do we have any idea of what love is? Believe me, the majority of people do not know the content of the love that does not set conditions, even though they think just the opposite. And besides, we know many kinds of love

  6. Ansambel Vedun - Pust 2018

    Sat, 10 Mar 2018, 16:00-20:00

    Whence come all our thoughts and reactions? We often perceive that we react in dissonance with our being. We should check the collective patterns which hold an unconscious power over us! Why? In order to hear ourselves and understand the events in our life. We have adopted countless mental patterns from our family and culture, as well as during our school days and in various education systems. We accepted them as our own. But are they truly ours? We usually accept without second thought what these times and society offer us, both of which are of course still in their development cycle. We are not yet awakened and we are honing our understanding and reactions. We often feel captive. We can find spiritual freedom only within ourselves, at our levels of consciousness. That is why we should be constantly taking stock of what we carry in ourselves, particularly of what we have adopted without thinking – numerous ideas which turned into dogmas, even though they are not based in reality, neither in the current moment, nor in our soul...

    Sat, 14 Apr 2018, 16:00-20:00

    We all want to understand what is happening in the world, in people and in ourselves. Such knowings can be developed with spiritual radar, with meta-sensory perception. Sound which cannot be heard with the physical senses, with our ears, but which can be perceived at higher/deeper levels of consciousness, is far more interesting and important. The world, including our thoughts and emotions, is built of inaudible and barely perceptible frequencies, called shabd in the Vedic tradition, or šepet (whisper) in Slovene. Ancient civilisations revered and nurtured meta-sensory hearing, which forms a unified field of intuition, cosmic telepathy and surgery. Throughout their lives, humans are expanding and awakening their spiritual abilities. Why? Because in this way life becomes much more interesting and vivid. We are developing, becoming galactic human beings with countless wonderful abilities, whether we are aware of it or not. We are travelling … Everyone is meant to develop a perception which allows them to penetrate the intangible higher dimensions of reality, the world and life givens in all their colourfulness. Also, it is not bad to know things in advance …

    Sat, 12 May 2018, 16:00-20:00

    Sat, 9 Jun 2018, 16:00-20:00

c) Topics and contents of the 2016/2017 intensivos

The sacred world of the ancient Slovenes and the Slavs and their prehistoric, Indo-European, ancient Vedic, Celtic-Illyrian and Greek-Egyptian spiritual heritages in relation to the wisdom of the different cultures of the world


d) Archive of past intensivos


Mirit smiling along with the cosmic sounds of the Himalayan bowl (Solstice ceremony, Ljubljana, June 2009)

I. DIMENSION / Pre-historic Spiritual Foundations and Ancient Mythicism

Saturday, 8th October 2016, 4pm

The prehistoric wisdom of Europe is much wider and far more important than we usually want to admit. It is a mirror of wise ancient philosophies of life and subtle perceptions of life. It reflects energy flows and a search for the wholeness of existence, for the consciousness of oneness. Life on Earth evolves according to certain laws, which mystery and occult teachings call cosmic-earthly doctrine. For hundreds and even thousands of years, this cosmic doctrine has brought mystical inspirations and a fullness of awareness to people. It has also brought tools for attaining harmony and broadening the spirit, enabling us to get to know in depth the invisible realms. A prehistoric shamanic journey begins in caves, in the womb of the Earth; it begins in the depths of human consciousness, in the depths of the subconscious, which reflect cosmic-earthly eternity, boundlessness and the limitlessness of human abilities and capabilities. When consciously stepping onto the path of sages and shamans, humans must first connect to the Earth and the Universe. This awareness was preserved furthest into our time by Native American tribes and Siberian shamans, as well as by ancient Slovenes and Brazilian and Filipino cosmic surgeons. The symbol of this workshop is the triunity of the THREE SACRED STONES, the ancient sacred TROJAK and the ancient KEY OF THE BEAR.

Legends about the past, about ancient civilisations of completeness and perfection keep a memory of timeless and immortal knowledge important for our civilisation. Today the ancient mythicism and reality are reminders, directing us to be loyal to our soul. They direct us towards the broadest multi-dimensional consciousness, which connects the Source, the Origin/Logos of Creation and life, and the physical and spiritual world.

II. DIMENSION / Indo-European and Gypsy Spiritual Heritage and Slavic Culture

Saturday, 12th November 2016, 4pm

The Indo-European heritage is the basis of the wisdom of ancient Slavs and ancient Slovenes. It is the lucid heritage of Indian (Vedic) rshis, jyotishis and yogis and Tibetan lamas. Their philosophy of life, of death and existence, is much broader than today’s understanding of life’s laws of the material and non-material. However, modern science is now drawing closer to that philosophy day by day. We must recognise and fully grasp the origin of the material and spiritual worlds and the way they work, in order to understand ourselves and the events in our lives and in the world. The consciousness, meta-consciousness and the cell memory of human bodies keep the codes of the original and primordial. We are in fact not at all aware that we are ‘encoded’ by cosmic rhythms. They are the elixir of life. In our cell protein membranes, they trigger the necessary alchemical body processes. And spiritual processes too. To cleanse and awaken eternal and timeless cell imprints means to awaken your dormant abilities and all your as yet unknown talents. It means to bring the harmony of perfection to life, to build and repair the material qualities of life. The workshop is aligned to the symbolism of the male-female energies of THE DANCE OF VISHNU, SHIVA AND SHAKTI. The Indo-European spiritual heritage is still alive also in gypsy (Roma) thought, in their ceremonies and the initiations of the ‘GREAT MOTHER’.

III. DIMENSION / Slavic Ancient Sacred World, Greek Heritage and a Tribute to the Earth

Saturday, 10th December 2016, 4pm

Tribute to the Earth and time awakens the connectedness and oneness of sound and movement (mousikê). Such connection between the etheric and the physicalis very important in the Slavic and Greek spiritual traditions, it is the basis for recognising our givens and the resonating Universe, a part of which we are – from subquantum “super strings” to large organisms in the material world. Everything, both the material and spiritual, the visible and invisible, is, at its core, frequency undulation, which is also the pulsing of sound. Frequency-sound vibrations constitute living (and non-living!) organisms, as well as human beings. We have to seek (and to find) the golden fleece, the essence of life – the immortal awakened consciousness of the Original Logos, the consciousness of the all-connected oneness. In order for this adventure to succeed and to find harmony, happiness, health and abundance, we must first be tempered through relationships, through apparent opposites, which are a part of the great jigsaw puzzle, of the great mosaic. Life has been offered to us so that we can move beyond painful separation and division, so that we can comprehend and begin to live a tranquil wholeness of a multi-levelled, multi-dimensional reality, the Triunity of the cosmic (the Primal/divine), spiritual and material. Ancient Greek spiritual wisdom, principally the wisdom of Orpheus and Pythagoras, both of which are based on ancient wisdom, was present in Slavic folk culture through to the second half of the 20th century. Among the Slovenes, Orpheus takes the role of a fiddler, who sets off “to the gates of hell”, that is into the hidden contents of his unconscious and destructive emotional-mental patterns, where numerous painful memories and other saboteurs of happiness dwell. With his selected sound formulae, the mythical fiddler bows to the Earth and time. Cosmic doors of the third dimension are opened by the APPOLLO AND ORPHEUS (FIDDLER’S) vibrational key of constant and eternal changing.

IV. DIMENSION / Soul Contracts, Slavic and Egyptian Spiritual Teaching

Saturday, 14th January 2017, 4pm


Egyptian secret and hidden mystery knowledge, just like the Greek heritage, is a part of the philosophy of antiquity, which was important in the creation of European and Slavic spiritual culture. Ancient philosophies from various regions and lands were all very similar, only the names were different. Egyptian and Slavic spirituality, mythology, science and art have, almost until the modern era, preserved the ancient enlightened wisdom of the immortal and eternal non-material soul, and of the meaning of life’s journey and the laws of spiritual growth. Slavic and Egyptian mythology remind us of the overlooked and lost, spiritual, cosmic part of our earthly existence, about the principle of life and the essences and power of consciousness, or the soul. They remind us of the universal laws of the Universe within the spiritual and material world. Of the magic of life and death. Of the alchemy of the material and non-material, visible and invisible, audible and inaudible, eternal and mortal etc. Old knowledge teaches us that human soul knows everything, while soul contracts lead us unerringly through the labyrinth of life. It is well worth listening to the whisper of the soul, the whisper of consciousness! The alchemy of important knowings and teachings takes place in the symbolism of the Slavic and ancient Slovene SVENTOVID and the Egyptian EYE OF HORUS.

V. DIMENSION / The Celtic-Illyrian Spiritual Heritage and the Slavs

Saturday, 11th February 2017, 4pm

The Celtic-Illyrian tradition stems from the Indo-European spiritual heritage and from the even older indigenous culture of today’s Europe. Teachings and spiritual knowings, passed down through centuries, have preserved a sensitivity for the earthly and the cosmic right up to our time. This is reflected in myths, legends and fairy tales, in sound images and ceremonial songs, in language formulae, rhythms and writings (the runes), in numerous annual ceremonies and customs, and this is also reflected in the primordial memory of human essence within initiated spiritual warriors. Everything that was and everything that is happening right now is imprinted in our consciousness, or soul (meta-consciousness), even in our body cells. Cause and consequence are one. Through their rich symbolism, the Celts and Illyrians left valuable messages from those who lived before us for posterity. They also left traces in Slavic culture. Millennia ago, they researched the universal, archetypal, human and primordial; they explored harmony, perfection, that which is conditioned with time and the timeless etc. What is of worth gets passed down through the ages, through generations. Do we actually know what great knowledge our distant planetary and ancient Slovene ancestors left us, so that we could live more wisely, peacefully and better? It is worth delving into this ancient knowledge, which can serve us well even today. Just like we do today, our ancestors sought well-being and perfection, they realised the fullness of cosmic consciousness. Let us listen to them and find “the holy grail” within ourselves – the awakened or enlightened connectedness of all levels (dimensions) of consciousness, reality, of our very being and existence. The key to this workshop is the solar eye of the GOD BELIN and the Celtic Goddess BRIGID (the Goddess of the hearth).

VI. DIMENSION / Vedic, Balinese and Ancient Slavic Spiritual Quest

Saturday, 11th March 2017, 4pm


Contemporary humans unfortunately lost the awareness of their multi-dimensional being long ago. They forgot the age-old knowledge of the inter-dimensional journey across the levels of consciousness, across the fairy worlds of the multi-dimensional reality. They forgot to listen attentively to the invisible and inaudible. They no longer know how to listen with their heart and inner ear. For them, the enchanting worlds of the soul are unfortunately predominantly lost. Over recent centuries, they willingly overlooked the dimensions beyond the physical (above third) level. Only the most open people, people of a broader consciousness are still able to perceive it. Our thoughts and emotions are a mirror of our consciousness, our spirit, a mirror of the majestic sound waves of the boundless and the timeless, of the infinite and eternal, which creates everything that exists. The echo of the abstruse Intelligence of life. A harmony of mind and feeling brings us peace, joy, abundance and unlimited creativity. That is why mastering control of our mind and emotions is the answer to our quest for happiness. All priests and healers (balians) from the magical Indo-European Bali, Indian ancient Vedic rshis and jyotishis and, of course, ancient Slovene kresniki and balijani, have to be exceptional masters of this. The ancient Vedic wisdom still lives on in their teachings. The sixth level opens us up to the Balinese and Slavic iridescent diversity, to the light of sound, to the rich symbols of light and spirit. The keys to this workshop are (Vedic) Balinese symbols for the light of sound and thunder, as well as the sceptre, or the spear, of the Slavic God PERUN, THE THUNDER GOD.

VII. DIMENSION / Slavic, Balkan, Baltic and Viking Spiritual Warriorhood

Saturday, 8th April 2017, 4pm

The miracles of the multi-dimensional-journey reflect the miracles of the boundless, and this is also the case in the Slavic (Balkan) world. These miracles are reflected in our consciousness and in the awareness of a seven-dimensional reality and of the cosmic creative sound which enables a truly miraculous cosmic surgery on Earth. The high-frequency sound of the seventh level/dimension of our consciousness and reality is the messenger of the Universal Logos, the echo of the Cosmic Intelligence of life; it is a barely perceptible whisper of the Universe (Shabd Yoga) and its laws. We listen carefully to it in our thoughts, visions and ideas, in songs and movement, in the rhythms of nature and cosmic cycles ... In the first millennium of the Common Era, being a conscious spiritual warrior was a great honour and a responsibility – this was also the case in Baltic Slavic countries and among the Vikings. Both lived according to the laws of their ancestors in harmony with nature. Existence demands, even from contemporary people, attunement, alignment to the pulsing of the Universe, to the cosmic and earthly cycles and rhythms. The light alphabet (of the sixth level) is created by the high-frequency sound of the seventh dimension, which is a tool for manifestation, for the embodiment of our “souls’ visions” and the Source. The light-sound language, or the spear of sacred geometry (also the hammer of THOR), is a switch, an elevator, which takes us up to unimagined levels of our being and existence and then brings us down, enriched, into the universal life rhythm or pulse. Doors to the highest planes of existence are opened with seven tones, seven colours of the rainbow, and with the Slavic (Balkan) symbolism of seven (4 + 3) – the physical world and the Holy Trinity. The diversity of seven, of the cosmic, the primordial, is in material world manifested in the SEVEN-HEADED DRAGON. The dragon is a mythical image of primordiality and creative forces, which humans can use for their benefit. Yet, the dragon’s forces can be dangerous, if we don’t work correctly with them...

VIII. DIMENSION / Siberian and East Slavic Spiritual Power

Saturday, 13th May 2017, 4pm

The ancient Slavic spiritual heritage is a majestic mirror of the ancient sacred wisdom of both antiquity and pre-history; it is a mirror of cosmic-Earth ethics and aesthetics. Like other Slavic peoples, ancient Siberian Slavic sages listened attentively to the breathing of the Sky (the Black Sky), to the Centre of the Galaxy (the power of the wormhole). In this way, they sought their own centre within the Principle and Source of life; they sought fulfilment, inspiration and an effective healing and spiritual power. The Slavic heritage, overlooked far too long, remembers and keeps, even in its recent folk history, the universal core of human existence and the eternal quest for the meaning of life. It remembers the universal laws of spirit and a means for connecting to all forms of life on Earth and in the Cosmos (with the Sun, the Moon, the stars etc.). It seeks and penetrates the meaning of a multi-dimensional harmonious resonance with the whole. Harmony and euphony. The ancient Slovene priests and healers were exceptional in those explorations and perceptions. The so-called eighth dimension is a messenger, a transmitter of the Primordial Idea, or Logos, into the frequency (light – sound – material) waves of life, into the material and non-material. Attaining those levels of reality is the essence of the difficult to comprehend, “divine” Great Mysteries. Logos is the primordial idea, or the “plan”/code/matrix of life and existence. We touch the soul’s Great Mysteries in our own mind, in the centre of our heart and soul (consciousness). Our Slavic ancestors were well aware of this. The keys for climbing the axis of consciousness, the Slavic sacred tree, all the way to the summit, where a golden apple grows (the symbol of enlightenment and ultimate awakened knowing of all levels of reality and existence), are unconditional love and the silence of mind, which can happen in connection with the breathing of the “open Sky” (the Source), say Eastern Slavs. Siberian kams call it the BLACK SKY. The key to this level is the ALL-FULL SILENCE OF EMPTINESS, the Silent Knowledge of the Universe. To touch this Source means to know, see, hear and create without limitations.

IX. DIMENSION / The “Dreamtime” of Antiquity, of the Slavs and of different cultures

Saturday, 10th June 2017, 4pm

The ancient Slovene spiritual quest stems from the indigenous, Indo-European and our shared Slavic ancient philosophy of life and from the eternal all-connected spiritual wisdom, which has been preserved up to our time through elements of the so-called folk culture of past centuries. It represents a distinctive relic of a distant cosmic-earth ethic and way to a harmonious co-living with the Earth and all forms of life on it. The ancient sacred knowledge of the Slavs and ancient Slovenes is a peaceful, attentive and truly ecological way of living. The remnants of the ancient Slovene past hold knowings which were passed down through millennia by countless generations of wise spiritual leaders, healers and priest-musicians; they hold immortal and eternal teachings and the very core of the initiatory journeys of our planetary ancestors. In it, the Triunity, the Holy Trinity (TROČAN) of the earthly – spiritual – cosmic is reflected. When those three are connected in our thoughts and deeds, unusual and miraculous things happen, which foster harmony and euphony within all the givens in our life, establishing conditions for the realisation of our wishes. The limitations of time disappear. A portal into the infinite and boundless, into the Field of all possibilities and countless opportunities, opens up. Everyone makes their own choice and everyone shapes their own reality. And it is good to know how! Triunity is the path and goal of all human quests, the very essence of a fulfilled and all-encompassing way of life of spiritually aware travellers and spiritual, light warriors; it is the core of the awakened all-connected multi-dimensional consciousness of an enlightened human being.  To consciously live the Holy Trinity is to live within the centred cosmic-earthly mission of our existence, which alone can fulfil our soul’s yearning.

By becoming familiar with and by reviving ancient Slovene and Slavic teachings and different cultures and countries, we are able to re-live the majestic experience of our distant ancestors (especially those who lived before the Common Era!). Their teachings unveil the so-called “DREAMTIME” of the primordial and balanced, as well as a shortcut to the summit of the sacred mountain, to the top of the sacred tree, where the persistent and spiritually open warrior is bestowed with golden apples – with the symbols of completeness, centre and abundance. With perfection. We need to walk and become aware of all the nine dimensions, of the entire path to the enlightened goal, to where our yearning soul, embodied in the physical world, unerringly leads us. You are invited to discover and celebrate the overlooked, to get to know and experience the age-old sacred knowledge which answers the questions of who we are, why we are, and, primarily, how we live and what we seek: do we want to live in tune (in harmony) or out of tune (in poverty)? The key for the cosmic doors of the ninth level, or to it, is the triune key of the Galactic Centre, of the Source, the harmony of spirit and the earthly world – the HOLY TRINITY, the Slovene ancient sacred TROČAN/TROJAK or the healing TROJAK.



Mira Omerzel - Mirit

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