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I, Tine Omerzel Terlep, had already begun to collaborate with my mother Mira Omerzel - Mirit in my pre-school years. How? First by singing forgotten Slovene children’s folk songs and by playing simple folk instruments. So I don't have merely familial ties with my mother, we have been collaborating for 30 years to actualise a special mission: the research and revival of the ancient Slovene musical heritage. I had already joined my parents – Mira and Matija – in this mission in my pre-school years. And in my teenage years, I was – like my mother – drawn to the spiritual heritages of the Slavs and other cultures. So another connection was built between my mother and me; a connection which is deepening and which is not only important for me, but also for others.

For decades, Mira Omerzel - Mirit (the Veduna School/A Slavic-Pythagorean School for the Development of Consciousness and Harmonising with Sound) has been sharing her knowledge with people who want and need her teachings and the healing of their soul. I participate in this as fruitfully as possible. Not only as a musician in her Vedun Ensemble, but also as a publisher and the founder of the Sventovid Institute.

My mother's heritage is not to be seen only in my spiritual realms and thinking. Her creativity is immensely rich and varied – it spans the scientific, the artistic and embraces spiritual awakening. I would like to help her publish her numerous as yet unpublished, yet precious works (unfortunately, publishing houses have neither the ear, nor the desire and power for this…). That is why I have decided to seek donations. At least 28 texts are waiting to be published and some of her works, published decades ago at home and abroad but unfortunately inaccessible to today’s readers, need reprinting. They are timeless testaments to the ancient Slovene heritage and must not be forsaken. THEY ARE A PERMANENT MEMORY! Of course, they need to be translated too – at the very least into English.

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A selection of previously published books and CDs.

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