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      The Vedun Ensemble
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    … by establishing contact with the universal vital energy and Cosmic Intelligence, with our spiritual guidance and transcendental sound, through invocation of the Universal Master Teachers (for harmonisation, healing and the expansion of the awareness of our essence); a path leading through individual levels featuring initiations, sound and the activation of light and sound codes to generate the flow of high-frequency universal vital energies, or rather, a path leading through the so called cosmic initiations.


    During the Rogla retreat
    The Universe is a symphony of frequencies constituting cosmic laws. And people have attributed different names to the vibrations reaching us from the Cosmos, such as: the Source, God, the angels, Masters … Furthermore, those frequencies have been denominated by the human desire to differentiate, thus enabling their recognition and the possibility of attuning with their resonance. The qualities and offerings of these invoked vibrational frequencies are as diverse as their effects.


    Magic qualities of sound surgery (Iž, Croatia, 2008)
    The workshops and courses are dedicated to a single mission: to gain awareness of our current problems and nuisances, the causes and effects of our false practices (actions), thoughts and emotions (temper, aggressiveness, jealousy, unacceptance, bonds, expectations …), which activates our inner self-healing of emotions, thoughts and therefore indirectly the physical body. As always we will draw freedom and “healing” from our gaining awareness, from establishing contact with the vital energy of the Source (Cosmic Intelligence) and through sound. We are thus entering a conscious change. Let all the hindrances in our life, all those things dragging us back to the old tracks of the past and the unfulfilling, the miserable, the unhealthy … be annihilated. Simultaneously, the courses also provide therapy sessions for all our bodies by means of audible and inaudible frequencies/sound/vital energy from the Source, lasting from 4 to 8 hours.



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