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    … by establishing contact with the universal vital energy and Cosmic Intelligence, with our spiritual guidance and transcendental sound, through invocation of the Universal Master Teachers (for harmonisation, healing and the expansion of the awareness of our essence); a path leading through individual levels featuring initiations, sound and the activation of light and sound codes to generate the flow of high-frequency universal vital energies, or rather, a path leading through the so called cosmic initiations.


    Sacredness of sound and movement. (Island of Katarina, Rovinj, 2008)
    The Universe is a symphony of frequencies constituting cosmic laws. And people have attributed different names to the vibrations reaching us from the Cosmos, such as: the Source, God, the angels, Masters … Furthermore, those frequencies have been denominated by the human desire to differentiate, thus enabling their recognition and the possibility of attuning with their resonance. The qualities and offerings of these invoked vibrational frequencies are as diverse as their effects.


    Magic qualities of sound surgery (Iž, Croatia, 2008)
    The workshops and courses are dedicated to a single mission: to gain awareness of our current problems and nuisances, the causes and effects of our false practices (actions), thoughts and emotions (temper, aggressiveness, jealousy, unacceptance, bonds, expectations …), which activates our inner self-healing of emotions, thoughts and therefore indirectly the physical body. As always we will draw freedom and “healing” from our gaining awareness, from establishing contact with the vital energy of the Source (Cosmic Intelligence) and through sound. We are thus entering a conscious change. Let all the hindrances in our life, all those things dragging us back to the old tracks of the past and the unfulfilling, the miserable, the unhealthy … be annihilated. Simultaneously, the courses also provide therapy sessions for all our bodies by means of audible and inaudible frequencies/sound/vital energy from the Source, lasting from 4 to 8 hours.



    Intensive courses tackling diverse everyday subjects are intended for increased self-cognizance, spiritual awakening, the expansion of consciousness and gaining awareness, resolving and transforming life’s difficulties that most sorely affect us and, by remaining unresolved, inhibit our life and spiritual journey, those that demand recurring painful experiences until we finally recognise their causality, rectify their cause and turn them into more positive responses.

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    Cosmic initiations granted by the Universal Master Teachers - As assistance in spiritual development, we are offered to receive the gifts (in the form of inaudible high-frequency inner sound) most urgently needed by humanity during the present moments of intense transformation: namely the cleansing of wounds, dismissing despair, fear, traumatic cellular memory and emotions suppressed into the subconscious, support in opening the heart chakra, activating compassion and soul awareness. We are being granted the blessings of hope, assistance in the integration of the spiritual and the material into a unified unity, awakening the suppressed female (cosmic - Shakti) principle, joy and delight, in order to develop within us the so-called Cosmic Consciousness, the Christ or the Buddha consciousness, the consciousness of Shiva, Wakan Tanka or simply the consciousness of the unconditional soul love …

    Two more cosmic, or better, galactic initiations were introduced in 2007: namely those granted by the Masters of Krypton and Kryon. All those who have already passed the entire cycle of cosmic initiations and those attending the intensive courses entitled “Living Heaven or Cosmos on Earth” are invited to attend.

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    Weekly gatherings dedicated to consciousness development, self-healing and self-realization. This title comprises all of the Monday gatherings: the Enlightenment Marathon (sound meditations to expand our consciousness and induce self-healing, featuring the Vedun ensemble), Sound Surgery (performed by the high-frequency channelled sound of the Cosmic Intelligence from the Source of all life, transferred through the mediumship of Mira Omerzel - Mirit) and the Transmission Sound Meditation (common service or mediumship transfer of vibrational qualities to planet Earth in service of all beings - including oneself.

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    Cosmic resonance (reiki for spiritual development) is a modern-day resurrection and upgrading of the ancient wisdom of harmonising with nature, the Cosmos and the universal consciousness (vital energy from the Source) and oneself; it is a contemporary comprehensive version of the resurrected ancient Tibetan spiritual wisdom of the Blue Buddha and the traditional shiki ryoho cosmic attunement of the Japanese reiki school brought to light by MD Mikao Usui, of the Karuna reiki of the American William Lee Rand school, of the Italian and Dutch schools of cosmic self-attunement; the courses of the Veduna programme/Chair of Universal Wisdom are thus dedicated to the expansion of consciousness which provides the grounds for self-healing and self-realisation that are the essence of spiritual traditions of the native peoples of the world in the past as well as the present. Veduna Cosmic Resonance and Veduna Karuna Cosmic Resonance initiations allow the vital energy stream to flow through us, its flow strengthening from one initiation to another. With the light and sound codes, the frequency and thereby the self-healing capacity of one’s consciousness augment. This also provides for a clearer awareness of the actual causes for potential nuisances.

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    Transcendence of consciousness and sound – gaining awareness, expanding consciousness and harmonising all bodies by the use of a “higher-dimensional tool”, namely that of light and sound (physical, inner transcendental guided sound) … During our workshops and lectures, we are acquainted with and are given the chance to experience the elements of great knowledge, of the mostly still hidden secrets of the art of functioning of the physical laws of sound (the physical laws of the Newton physics frequency world) and above all the spiritual qualities of sound (energy subatomic/quantum levels).

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