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Every 1st and 2nd Thursday of each month (except july, august and september)from
6:30 PM till 8 PM at MaxxFIT center, Ulica Jožeta Jame 14a, Ljubljana



No booking in advance necessary.

Access is indicated on the spot. Be sure to bring your own slippers, pads and blankets to sit or lie on.


Kozmične iniciacije
Veduna Kozmična resonanca
Transcendenca zavesti in zvoka

This title comprises all of the Thursday gatherings with Sound Surgery (performed by the high-frequency channelled sound of the Cosmic Intelligence from the Source of all life, transferred through the mediumship of Mira Omerzel - Mirit).


In this exceptional time of great changes and the awakening of ancient wisdom, we are also being blessed by entirely new gifts. Even those we would call unusual and miraculous. One of those gifts is the sound surgery, known in the past by diverse civilisations – from the long forsaken mythological Lemuria and Atlantis to today’s surgery at the Philippines and in Brazil -, whether they were using sound or not. The surgery with the energy of sound, accomplished through the medium (Mira Omerzel – Mirit, PhD) by the divine Source Intelligence and its mediators – the Master Teachers of the Universe, as we call the frequency (sound) undulation from our life Source, manifests the Mercy and gifts from the limitless Cosmic and earthly Consciousness or the Boundless Universe within and without us.


Sonic laser - sound surgery (Iž, Croatia, 2008)

»Mira’s surgery« is subtle and barely perceivable. It does not involve any blood. Through it, one is able to
receive the frequency spectre he or she needs. However, this does not work according to her own ideas. Mirit acts merely as a supplicant and medium, letting the frequency flow through her consciousness and body. Therefore, the energy is generated by the Mercy of the Source Intelligence of the Universe and our consciousness. The surgery is accomplished on all bodies simultaneously (the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body, as well as the consciousness or soul), in other words, on the entire (multidimensional) being, which, after all, is a man. The vibrations of sound undulation trigger awareness and eliminate the obstacles and disturbances in life as well as in spiritual maturing.

Health, abundance and joy are the indicators of spiritual breadth and emotional and mental peace. Therefore we cannot do without becoming aware of the mistakes we make, even unintentionally, in our actions, thoughts and emotions! Or, at least, things tend to be slower or more painful without the awareness. The awareness needed is triggered spontaneously through the surgery! Also through conversations and after that through relationships themselves. It is the game of life and its meaning. Thus, we learn to fix things and at the same time maintain a life of enough love. All the way to the “awakened” consciousness or the consciousness of the (unconditional) soul love. On this journey, we also collide into things, fall down, take the wrong turn, our soul (and subsequently also our body) even fall ill, but nevertheless, we get up and rise again, returning to the spiritual path of the pursuit of happiness, health and abundance.


Mojka Žagar Gašperšič (Iž, Croatia, 2008)

The same path lies before all of us. It is just that we travel it each our own way and with our own unique speed. However, the primordial truths we must realise in the end, are in fact the same for everyone everywhere! For the societies in the distant past, as well as the people in the present. Once we are prepared to realise them and live our lives in line with the eternal cosmic and earthly laws, we enter the path of self-realisation and self-healing of the soul and body (or bodies) and of the disintegration of our unhappiness and unfulfillment. On our way towards this goal, we are rushed and guided by spiritual awareness, no matter how subtle it may be. When we are ready or when we have surrendered to the purpose of our life journey (which may already or may not yet be known to us), we can openly accept the gifts granted to us by the sound surgery, facilitating and shortening our path of spiritual seeking. In order to be able to move forward. Into the better, the more harmonious ... Nearer to the ultimate healing of the spirit and body and the living conditions, which act as a mirror to the actions within our soul.


Tine Omerzel Terlep (Iž, Croatia, 2008)

The more we understand, the more we are in contact with the wisdom of our soul connecting us to the Real, and the more we are prepared to grow in the spiritual sense, the less resistance we have towards accomplishing changes and the greater the Mercy we receive, since this is the way in which we tune into the primary perfection or the support of the energy, frequency or sound Universe which we are part of ourselves. We are prepared for the gifts of light and sound surgery. Sound is the medium, the connecting factor on the multidimensional vertical axis of our consciousness, providing maintenance and order to disburden us, fulfil us, protect us and attune us. It acts as a medium between the levels of consciousness and the levels of being.

Acceptance means being dedicated to spiritual awakening and is absolutely necessary up to the point of
establishing the so called cosmic and earthly consciousness or the awakened consciousness of the unconditional soul love. A body without vital energy (a frequency, which is also sound) is dead. The Source, Universal Intelligence or God, if you prefer, supplies us with the essence of life. However, with that essence and the gift of our free will, we ourselves create the conditions of our life experience and trials. Along with the quality of relationships and the peaceful or restless emotions and thoughts. We are the co-creators creating the quality of our lives with the aid of primary life energy. And with the support of sound surgery, we open the doors to a kinder world for ourselves and others. Into the integral, awakened consciousness of oneness.


Magic qualities of sound surgery (Iž, Croatia, 2008)

The above stated thoughts form the core of all Mira’s workshops, as well as the Enlightenment Marathons and Sound Surgery. We kindly invite you to surrender to the flow of the Source. However, do not mix the knowledge received with the mentally-oriented techniques. Surrender to the boundlessness beyond the limitations of the mind. And do not forget: we set our own limitations. Our dual mind is limited with the framework of the experiential, even the unreal and inadequate. It is but our transcendental mind or consciousness beyond the chattering, restless awareness, that is able to reach into the depths of the inexhaustible well of the unthinkable possibilities of happiness and abundance, wisdom and fulfilled peace. All of the above is interlinked, turning our ideas and wishes into reality. Up to the point where even those wishes fall silent and the harmonic life in tune with the unison of the universal will unravels by itself.


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