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Ticket sales: www.mojekarte.si


Next live streaming: 11th of June 2020 from 18:30 till 20:00 CEST (UTC+2). "Tickets" can be purchased on:
Please, read the instructions bellow and purchase "tickets" on time!

Over the period of seven weeks (between the 2nd of April and the 21st of May) the Veduna spiritual school – School for the Development of Consciousness and Harmonisation through Sound (with the support of the Vedun Ensemble) bestowed upon people from all around the world ten Veduna sound-energy harmonisation sessions (‘surgeries’) to help them during these times of crisis. A new cycle of Thursday surgeries had begun on the 28th of May, but they will need the support of your contributions. We will keep contributions as low as possible (15 Euros). By purchasing a ‘ticket’ for each session you will be able to continue to participate. However, the system for registration and payment is changing. Registration and ticket sales will be via www.mojekarte.si (this is a secure website), but their system does have some limitations which you will need to adapt to. The gathering of the necessary information and the production of invoices is too demanding and time-consuming for the Veduna School. So we ask you to accept these new possibilities.

Tickets for the next Veduna harmonisation will always be available at: https://www.mojekarte.si/en/group/1132278/veduna.html.

Anyone can join us for this all-connected (holographic) triune surgery that harmonises, recharges our energy, sustains, relaxes us. It brings awareness, expands our consciousness and makes us happy.

PURCHASING INSTRUCTIONS (each participant needs to have their own ticket)

Purchasing tickets only takes a few steps:
1. Select the number of tickets you want to purchase;
2. Select your payment method – the system accepts most major payment methods, including Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Activa, Diners – regardless of the issuing bank;
3. Log in to the system. If this is your first time using the system, you will first need to register (via the ‘Registration’ button);
4. For each ticket you want to purchase, enter the following information about the participant it is for:
  - First name: The participant’s first name.
  - Surname: The participant’s family name.
  - Address: The participant’s place of residence.
  - City: The actual place the participant will be located during the Veduna session streaming. This will ensure that the transmission of energy flows freely towards all of the participants;
5. Review and confirm the content of your purchase. You will then be directed to the page where you can enter all payment details;
6. A message confirming you successful ticket purchase will be displayed, along with instructions for the streaming of the Veduna ‘surgery’.

Please, pay close attention and be accurate in step 4 when entering participant information, as it is impossible to make changes after completing your purchase. If you fail to enter all the required information or if it is incomplete, the Veduna cosmic sound-energy harmonisation will not be activated for that participant.

A new ticket purchase is needed for each session you want to take part in. Tickets for the next session will be on sale the day after the previous ‘surgery’ has ended.   

After completion of the ticket purchase, a confirmation message will be displayed, which will tell you how to prepare for the session, and provide a link to the live streaming of the Veduna cosmic sound-energy harmonisation. At the same time, a confirmation e-mail will be sent by mojekarte.si  to your e-mail address with the subject line ‘Purchase confirmation ...’. By clicking on ‘Collect tickets’ within this e-mail, you will be able to review or print the instructions and follow the link to the YouTube live streaming of the upcoming session.

We will not be sending out any additional confirmation e-mails regarding your applications and links.

So, the link can be viewed at any time on the mojekarte.si webpage:
1. Sign in to the ‘mojekarte’ system by clicking the ‘Login’ button (please, sign in using the same credentials you used when purchasing tickets).
2. The My Account page will open up once you have signed in, showing all your
3. By clicking the ‘Print tickets’ button for the relevant purchase, a ‘ticket’ will be displayed detailing the link and instructions for the surgery. By clicking on that link, you will be taken to Youtube page where you will be able to participate in the live stream (this has not changed).

Please, complete the ticket purchase in timeby 2pm CEST (UTC+2 /Slovenian time) on the day of the surgery at the very latest. Ticket sales will stop automatically at that time and if you miss the deadline, you will not be able to participate in that day’s Veduna session.

Anyone seeking to disrupt a harmonisation session (it is unfortunate, but we sometimes need to anticipate this as well) or wanting to join merely out of curiosity, will be identified and excluded from the process, meaning the session will not unfold for them.

Veduna School

CANCELLATION OF ALL VEDUNA SCHOOL ACTIVITIES (except live streaming of cosmic sound-energy surgery) UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Dear Course Participants!

Given that the Coronavirus pandemic situation is not easing, all scheduled Veduna School activities are cancelled until further notice.

You will be informed in due course about the resumption of our activities. We will also let you know if any of our activities are going to be streamed online.

Meanwhile you are invited to join the Veduna School Group of Therapists for daily meditations from 7am to 9:30am, and then from 5:30pm to 7pm. The Group, together with other students, holds focused meditations, working for the well-being of Slovenia and all living beings on the planet, that we remain strong and healthy, as well as working for the restoration of harmony in the world.

Join us using the Veduna resonance technique or simply with a thought: May the world be strong and, as soon as possible, healthy. May the changes necessary for the times we are (undoubtedly) entering be implemented. May Coronavirus be overcome and annihilated as soon as possible.

The sounds of thoughts and wishes (when free of doubt) can do miracles!

Let us gift ourselves a new and better world!

Light-sound greetings,
Mira Omerzel - Mirit
Veduna School
Vedun Ensemble

2019/2020 programme of Veduna workshops and courses

NEW books in English language by Mira Omerzel - Mirit:

Life without Food and the Timelessness of Spiritual Messages of the North American Indians (link to Amazon US store / link to Amazon UK store) and

Journey to the Summit of the Sacred Mountain: A Fairy Tale about Life’s Quest and Awakening
(link to Amazon US store / link to Amazon UK store)

Not yet released: Story of an Ailing Girl Who Wanted to Become a Vedunya Shaman (...more info ...)

  The substantial as well as unsubstantial worlds consist of frequencies. However, the given sonorous quality by far exceeds that. Sound is an alchemy of frequencies and their respective energies, an instrument to heal the subtle bodies of the spirit as well as the physical body, an instrument to trigger an enhancement of consciousness and a sensitisation of senses. We are affected by it on a conscious as well as unconscious level.


The might of the tree simbolises the sanctity of a human being

Sound (resonance) has the capacity to compose us into a melodious whole and harmonise us with natural rhythms, while disharmony can incur disease. The wisdom passed on from global musical traditions binds human consciousness to the archetypal unconscious and the sound paradigms from beyond time. Moreover, sound merges us with the Great Substantial Auditory Logos of the Universe and the Cosmic Intelligence or Consciousness of Nature, which are increasingly recognised also in subatomic physics and medicine. It is sound that provides a key for those gates of the “heart and soul” that open toward the subtle worlds “beyond” common consciousness (to transcendence) and the accelerated path of self-evolution.

Musical instruments and sound implements of world peoples (Equrna Galery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2004)


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