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Every 1st monday in month (except july, august and september) from 19.30 to 21.00 in Biotehniški Izobraževalni Center (BIC), Ižanska 10, Ljubljana.



Applications are not necessary.

Please bring along your own slippers, pads and blankets to sit or lie on.


Kozmične iniciacije
Veduna Kozmična resonanca
Transcendenca zavesti in zvoka

»The Enlightenment Marathon or soul healing« supports us in the healing of all bodies and in our self-realisation by bestowing on us the »boons from the Cosmos«. During the 90 minutes of sound meditation, the vibrations of sound and the vital energy from the Source are charging us with channelled frequencies of the audible sound of the Vedun ensemble, with inaudible transcendental sound and light which is impercievable to the physical eye, with the frequencies we need that very moment in our lives, be it for the healing process or as support in our spiritual growth.


In the play of silence and sound (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005)

In this way, our life path takes a more straight-lined, clearer and more intense way towards its goal: namely, to a constant unending joy in perfect health and inner peace. The Master Teachers of the Universe help us swim with the tide. There is a massive spiritual awakening taking place on Earth and a large number of people are to attain the level of consciousness that is equal to enlightenment in the upcoming years. The level of enlightenment is characterised by living in compliance with everything that surrounds us and all that is, living a life free of conflict within our soul.

You are kindly invited to group sound and light meditations to support spiritual healing of the soul, consciousness, emotions and thoughts (and therefore indirectly the physical body) by channelling vital life energy from the Source in touch with the Cosmic Intelligence (the Divine, if you will), nurturing and conditioning life forms on Earth, and featuring sound – a tool to help us achieve our desires and objectives, an intermediary between the physical and the spiritual. When our soul is healed and our consciousness clear, our body is healthy as well.


A sincere hug after the course and the sound meditation
(Spanish participators, Malaga, 2005)

The channelling of sound and the cosmic resonance mission is carried out by the Vedun Ensemble.

All seekers (meditators) of different spiritual orientations are welcome –
boons from the Cosmos are dedicated to everyone!

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